28 December 2010

Thoughts from the sofa

photo by lovethatcat.com

These past few days I have put creativity on hold and mostly been lying on the sofa doing nothing. Having the Christmas countdown in December meant that I focused on creative stuff almost all the time. Not just creating things but also, thinking, reading and surfing the net for input on new creative ideas. I needed a rest.

Lying there on the sofa I have been thinking about creative things all the same. Not so much in terms of “how about you get out of that sofa and start doing something” as which course I would like next year’s creativity to take and how I could best make time in a busy schedule for doing so.

The exhibition I had last summer taught me that I am not an “exhibition kind of gal”. It is important for me that my creative doings have a goal but I much rather create something for someone than create it for showing it at an exhibition. Coming to terms with that felt very nice and almost relieving so that is one thing I know for sure that I won’t be pursuing next year.

When I did the DIY Christmas count down I tried to use stuff I had lying about at home or could get hold of in the woods or the garden. That is definitely something I would like to explore even further next year. I already have an enormous amount of fabric, yarn, lace, buttons, paint, paper, wire, tin cans and wool but still I go and buy even more at yarn shops, jumble sales or thrift markets. I am thinking that maybe I should put a stop to that in 2011 and just allow myself to use what I have already got. Now that is a challenge eh? Especially when it comes to not buying any more yarn. We are talking HUGE challenge here.

Other things I would like to do more of in the future is free embroidery on clothes (clothes I have already got of course) and wood carving. I would really, really like to try and turn a big wooden log into a statue using a chain saw. We have a chain saw at the country house and one thing on my Christmas wish list this year was that my husband would teach me how to use it. He gave me wood carving knifes last years so I thought it wouldn’t be entirely hopeless…..

I don’t usually give any New Year resolutions but how about I give some this year? OK here goes. In 2011 I will:

Not buy any new yarn – yikes, that’s a tough one.

Focus on making creative stuff using recycled materials – now that’s an easier one.

Embellish my blue velvet “Mao” jacket with some free embroidery

Learn how to knit socks – well only the heel actually. I know the rest. Then knit some using yarn I have already got

Do at least one wood carving project using my knifes

Give the chain saw a try.

Be better prepared fot FeltUnited in october and maybe do a class in felting to celebrate it.

Wow, 2011 will be fun, I can feel it!

You are all very much welcome to tag along!

Take care

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Heather Woollove said...

Jeanette--You have set yourself some wonderful goals for the year.
I have been attempting to look through my 'stash' lately, too!
I need to make myself SEE the things that I already have, so I can visualize their use in my projects.
Have a wonderful New Year 2011, and I'll look forward to many new (and wonderful) projects from you!!