01 January 2011

Endings and beginnings

Maybe 2010 was a fabulous year for you, a once in a lifetime year, filled with adventure, joy and love. Maybe it was a terrible year, a sad year that you just wanted to get rid of as fast as possible. Or maybe 2010 was just one of those years that seemed to pass without anything special happening. A year with no rollercoaster rides.

For all of you out there I wish that 2011 will be your best year so far! Not your best year ever though for what will you do 2012 then?

May 2011 be a year filled with happiness, laughter, sadness, contentment, anger, joy, brilliant colors, rainy days and true beauty – all those things that life is about!

And may it be the year that you realize that every day is a first day!

Lots of love to you all!


LiLi M. said...

Hi Jeanette!!
2010 was a fab year! Your advent calendar with all those crafty ideas was just too much fun! Let's make 2011 even a better blogging year! Wishing you a very happy, healthy, thrifty and creative New Year, sharing your dream of meeting!

Jenny at Red House said...

What lovely sentiments! I'm always raring to go at the start of the year whatever went before! jennyx

Eleanor said...

Happy new year to my dear Swedish friend,

with love from Australia xxxx