29 April 2010

Eyes sensitive to green

Med ögon känsliga för grönt

Och tänk i parken
Om våren
Med ögon känsliga för grönt
Och kastanjeblad som paraplyer
Och våra händer känsliga för allt som är skönt.

Vi vek en duva av papper
I vinden seglade den långt
Och den landade på en staty som
Fick ändra alla orden i sin sång.

Det regnade men bilderna blev bra
Det var ett egendomligt ljus den dan
Vi fyllde våra ögon
Med ljuset och tankarna på allt det nya

Och tänk i parken
Om våren
Med ögon känsliga för grönt
Och kastanjeblad som paraplyer
Jag älskade dej då, det gör jag nu

With eyes sensitive to green
Oh in the park
in spring
With our eyes sensitive to green
and chestnut leaves as umbrellas
our hands sensitive to all that feels nice

We folded a dove out of paper
It sailed so long in the wind
and it landed on a statue
It had to change all words in it’s song

It rained but the pictures came out good
It was a strange light that day
We filled our eyes
with light and thoughts of everything new

Oh in the park
in the spring
with eyes sensitive to green
and chestnut leaves as umbrellas
I loved you then, I love you now

One of my favorite songs, written by swedish singer and songwriter Barbro Hörberg

Take care

24 April 2010

Where did the time go?

18 years ago tomorrow my daughter was born. My first child, my much longed-for, my precious! I remember everyone telling me to hold on to those sweet first years, that time goes by so quickly and before you know it they are grown up and leaving home. I remember thinking they where going on a bit, silently promising myself never to say that to a young mother with her first born. Last week I met a colleague with her newly born and there I stood admiring the tiny little girl hearing myself say “ Oh, hold on to those….”

But it is true though isn’t it? Time passes oh so quickly. I mean it feels like only yesterday I held her in my arms for the first time….... so how did this happen?

and this?

and this?

not to mention this!

Does this mean that I am 18 years older too ? (This is where I put my hands over my ears saying La La La La La ....can`t hear you!)

Oh well, inside I am still 27!

So a very, very happy birthday darling daughter!

I love you very much!

21 April 2010


For the past week Sweden and parts of Europe have been covered in ash from an Icelandic Volcano eruption. Or covered is using the wrong word because we can’t see it but its high up there somewhere forcing the airplanes to stay on the ground. Although I missed my long planned conference in Stockholm and my husband was stuck first in France and then Germany I really think it’s a good thing! We need to slow down and focus on what’s important in life. We are so used to being able to fly around the world at the spur of the moment or travel from point A to point B in no time that we tend to forget that 50 years ago we moved around in a whole other pace. In the western world we think it’s more or less a human right to have a vacation on the other side of the globe several times a year. It is a bit like earth hour when we switch of our electricity forgetting that millions of people haven’t even got electricity to switch off!

A woman interviewed on TV said it was a catastrophe her husband having to drive 600 kilometers to bring her and the children home when they got stranded in Stockholm. At the same time the death rate of the Chinese earthquake was 1200 people. Now THAT is a catastrophe!

Maybe the volcanic ash can help us get a different perspective on how we travel. I mean volcanic ash is one thing but the global pollution made my airplanes now that are a whole other ballgame.

Take care

09 April 2010


Do you remember my spur of the moment application to show my art during a week this summer? Guess what? I was accepted! Jiiiipiiiieeee!

I am
jumping up and down
a total nervous wreck

.....and all at the same time! Now how is that for multitasking?

I plan to show some of my big wet feltings and some recycled art of which all are yet to be created. That’s where the nervous wreck part comes in…. But still, if you are in the neighborhood of Malmö between july 6 and july 11 then you know where all the action is!

I would SO love if you paid me a visit.

I’ll keep you all posted



A recycled prototype....

05 April 2010


I was a Star Trek fan when I was young. I had a secret crush on Spock ( I was 8 for god sake…) and was very interested in teleportation. Oh how I wanted to be able to travel through time and space! On really boring lessons in school I used to close my eyes and say “beam me up Scotty, please, please beam me up” but the only thing I got from that was the evil eye from my teacher ordering me to listen up.

But what If you actually could…..

Then I would beam myself over to Eleanor in Australia and we would go to the movies together and she could explain the plot to me the way only she can. Then we would go to the beach and I would build her a sand castle and on top of highest tower I would put a sea shell from my favorite beach back home.

Swooosh in an instant I would leave Australia for Lili in the Netherlands, my dear blog twin! We would talk and laugh all night long and visit so many jumble sales and thrift stores that I would have to beam the stuff home a couple of times because I couldn’t carry it all.

Poof , now I’ve landed in the middle of Marias work shop. Oh, all the beautiful things. I would bring her an egg cup for her collection and she would show me how to make her beautiful mittens.

With a Kaapoow ( sorry Scotty had a wee beaming problem…) I would land right in Anna Stilla’s kitchen. We would bring our cameras and go for a long photographic expedition to all the beautiful places I have only seen on her photos. We would take her dog along and he would walk faithfully by my side and gently put his nose in my hand.

….and then I would land on the street outside my house feeling a bit dizzy from all the traveling through space. I have one stop left but luckily for me I can walk this time. I walk through the park, take the fourth road on the right and there is Anna’s house. I bring red wine and my knitting and I know that I am in for a long chat and a great many laughs!

Please beam me up Scotty!


03 April 2010

Easter Open Studio week

1968 was the first time for the Österlen Open Studio week where local artists showed their art during the Easter holiday. It`s going on 42 years now, always starts on Good Friday and this year 122 artists open their homes or studios for the public.
We try to go every year and this year I bought a painting

"Sällskap" ( Company) Lena Pettersson

a Raku burnt ceramics face

"Nylle" ( face) Johan Thunell

and a vintage bowler hat in an antique shop for my eldest daughter. I might be partial but I think it became her very well.

I also started on a new horse. I told you it was addictive! Paint not dry yet so I’ll show you tomorrow.

Take care