28 June 2011


When I got home from work today it was such a lovely evening that I didn`t want to go inside. So I sat on my porch and made a chandelier for a friend. It is a sort of housewarming gift from me. She built herself a greenhouse recently you see, all on her own and I think that is very impressive and worth some recognition. I haven’t done any metal craft in awhile so I had almost forgotten how much fun it was. Even my tiny little vintage baking tins and mother of pearl buttons came to good use.

I hope she will like it.

Take care

26 June 2011


Dear friends, I have neglected you. So sorry about that. It’s not intentional though, time just seems to go by so fast. My holidays are due in a week’s time but I can’t quite grasp the fact that it’s actually July. If you ask me I would swear that it is the beginning of June still….

So here is a quick update of what has been going on in my life since last time I wrote….

My youngest daughter graduated school. Next stop High School!

I knitted and wet felted a shawl for a colleague that is retiring. Do you know why I chose to make her a shawl? Well, when I was very young I worked at a nursery home during my holidays. I cared for an old lady there and she always told me “dear girl, live you life, spend all your money and have a ball. When you are old the only thing you need is you memories and a shawl to keep you warm”. So I decide that if I made my colleague a shawl she could concentrate on having a good time!

I celebrated Midsummer with my family. You know, the weekend when we Swedes drink aquavit, dance around a pole with flowers and sing obscure songs. Not aquavit in the daughters glasses of course….

I found a statue from Goebel that would be SO perfect for the country house. I will just have to convince the rest of the family….

Last but not least I have tried to enjoy the moment! Nature being so very beautiful at this time of the year.

Until next time....

Take care

11 June 2011


05.00 this morning my alarmclock went off announcing that it was time to get up and hit the road. Yarn Bombing Day was finally here. An hour later I drove me bike up outside my dear creative BFF Anna’s house and we were ready for some guerilla knitting. It was a beautiful morning, sunny and warm and we felt careless and free – two ladies on a creative mission.

First stop was Gustav Adolfs torg – the city square with its statue in the fountain. We decided that it was a good place to start since I would have to walk through the water to reach the statue and not so creative passers by might not share our opinion that a blue knitted bikini was the ultimate outfit for the statue.

Then we just kept going. Unstoppable in our wish to add some color and happiness to the urban landscape.

Two hours later with our mission finished we celebrated a great and oh so fun morning with breakfast at Systrar&Bröder. Planning new creative adventures.

Thank you Anna for a lovely day. My life would be so much less colorful and fun had you not been my friend!

Take care

10 June 2011

Preparations for International Yarn Bombing Day

Tomorrow is D-day! Then I have to put my alarm on ultra early to sneak out in town and put all my knitted graffiti up. The sneaking part being a result of it being not exactly legal…. I know that there has been a discussion going on at various blogs whether or not you should ask for permission. Well I generally don’t but then I never put my stuff up where it could ruin something or cause damage. And it can be easily taken down just using a pair of scissors.

In-between my daughters’graduation, tons of things to do at work and visiting a whole lot of graduation parties I haven’t had that much time to prepare. Luckily I had a lot of really ugly knitted squares that I bought at a jumble sale which I could use for my knitted graffiti. I have made a few knitted messages to put up at different parts of the city ( Malmö, Sweden). I have also made a knitted "bikini" to pimp a statue in a fountain with....might need my wellingtons for that one.....

Here is some pics. Will take some tomorrow to. I am especially proud of the “kilroy” message!

If you want to participate in Yarn Bombing Day tomorrow but have nothing “knitted” here is a few last minute tips.

Slaughter an old knitted sweater and sew it on to a statue
Cut the legs off a pair of leggings ( preferably colored ones), cut each leg up at one side and sew them to a lamp post
Make a mobile out of old kettle-holders and hang it in a tree
Pimp a statue with mittens, a scarf or knitted cap left over from last winter

Hope you all have a fun and great yarn bombing day!

Take care

08 June 2011

Graduation Day

In august 2008 I watched her leave for her boarding school with a lump in my throat and a feeling that now everything would change for ever. Three years of education seamed such a long time….. and now here I stand watching her singing with her friends on the school yard celebrating that the years of hard studying finally are over.

What on earth happened to those three years?
They sure move fast eh?

Take care