21 July 2009

Patience anybody ?

I am not a patient person. Passion yes but patience no. Better fast, finished and sometimes wrong than slow, almost never finished but always get it right. Need I say that my husband is the opposite? Well now my total lack of patience is showing it`s ugly face and I walk around feeling annoyed and irritated all the time. It might be due to the three weeks of vacation that I have already had and the two weeks yet to come. How so you might wonder. Oh I have had a marvelous vacation so far it`s not that it`s just that I`ve had all the time in the world wandering around the country house seeing all unfinished projects, gritting my teeth and knowing that they won’t be done this summer either. You know little things like isolation on the second floor so that we actually can stay here during winter and won’t have to spend a fortune on central heating. Oh yes why not some central heating while we are at it and a bathroom that doesn´t look like a hole in the wall. No luxury mind you but something else than concrete floor would be nice and maybe some tiles and a basin…. Speaking of the second floor , it would be very nice if the daughters rooms were started on up there since sleeping four persons in the same bedroom doesn`t do much for the matrimonial bliss. But then the isolation must be done first and….. well, it`s catch 22 folks. Or like one of them little games you had when you were a kid, a square with the numbers 1-15 on it all in the wrong order and you had to move them around to get them in the right order again. Or that multicolored cube thing, Uck! I never were any good at those games either…..didn`t have the what’s you call it, ah yes PATIENCE that’s the word I was looking for.

I read an article the other day about a woman that had a gigantic garden and a very nice one at that. The interviewer asked her how she managed to tend to the garden all on her own not getting stressed by the enormity of the task. She said that she did one little project at the time and focused just on that and when it was finished she took time to enjoy the fact that she had done it instead of thinking about all the things that was still left to do. It sounded dead easy. Like something even I could manage.So from tomorrow on I will try to do just that…....

......but tonight I still want my garden to look like this

Yeah I know it`s hard to compete with Gertrud Jekyll .... but I am sure she had lot`s of patience.....and a few gardeners.

My house like it came out of this.....

and me feeling ( and looking) like this......

But tomorrow thats when I start laughing at clouds.....

Take care

17 July 2009

Lat N 55 grader 42' 24' Long E 14 grader 05' 15'

Sea eagle by Mattias Klum

As you all know I am a great fan of photography and I try to visit as many exhibitions as I can. Today my husband asked me if I wanted to go and see some of the fabulous photos of Mattias Klum Now would I ? You bet ya! Not only would I be able to see the work of the Swedish photographer who has made the cover of National Geographic 8 times (so far...) but also have an outing on my own with my husband. Little did I know that I also was to see the most amazing of buildings….

The exhibition was held at the brewery at the Södra Björstorps manor and I had never heard about it before although I visit that part of Skåne very often and its not that far at all from my country house.

Oh you want to tag along do you? Well, hop in! Fasten seat belts and woohoo here we go!

We drove to just outside Brösarp, took a right turn to Södra Björstorp, went through the woods and then down this beautiful alley...

.....and suddenly I saw it through the trees…..a yellow gemstone of a house….octagonal …..

It was a strange feeling to so unexpectedly see this amazing house rise from the woods. It was love at first sight and I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough to inspect it. You see at first I thought my eyes where deceiving me and that I would find it not octagonal at all when walking around it. But to my joy it was! You can see much better from the air photo from the manors website.

The exhibition was held not in the manor house it self alas as I would have liked to get a peak inside….but in the old brewery. The brewery was beautiful too though and it was a perfect setting for the photos.

Now this is what I would like my old barn to look like...in ten years time or so....
You wish!

Stepping inside we met the very nice owner who told us a bit more about the history of the house. She was very kind and a joy to talk to not like some galley owners I have met over the years. You know the type where it is more important that you are "someone" in the art world than the fact that you are acually interested in the pieces shown. Oh well, enough about that. We learnt that the house is one of its kind in Sweden and built 1775 but the manor go back to ancient times and some of the wood work in the cellars where from 1300. The house is actually sixteen-sided on the outside and octagonal on the inside. Now that must be quite a challenge for interior decorating don’t you think!

The owner

Did I forget to mention the photos? Going on and on about the house am I ? Sorry about that, got a bit carried away I guess! Well the photos where simply wonderful and very inspirational for me! He is such a talented photographer and some of the photos was pure poetry! You can see more of them here. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood you absolutely must pay the house and the exhibition a visit. You won’t regret it! The exhibition is open Tuesday to Sunday until the 30 of august. The opening hours is 11-17. My self I hope to go back really soon bringing a friend from Stockholm.

How to find it?

GPS coordinates:
Lat N 55 grader 42' 24'
Long E 14 grader 05' 15'
or visit the website: http://www.sodrabjorstorp.se/ for more information.

Hope you all have a really nice week end!
Take care

13 July 2009

Blog friendship

There I was reading Eleanor’s blog in Australia always being intrigued and fascinated by her posts but also by the comments made by Anna from Helylle. So I started reading her blog too and one day she posted a picture of a place I knew well and I realized that she must live in my hometown. So I asked her….and to my surprise she lived just a block away from me on the other side of the park! Oh I know it’s a small world I just never imagined that it was that small.

Now we meet regularly for a bit of creativity and lots of laughs. Like tonight! I had planed to do some wet felting but it was so warm we had to sit outside on the porch so I had a go at one of my two ongoing knitting projects instead and we actually managed to get some knitting done in between laughs…..She is even more funny, witty and wise in IRL…can you imagine that ! Strange isn’t it that I should find a new friend by way of Australia!

Productive eh?

Tonight Anna borrowed me a book with lots of creative knitting
Hurrah, the long autumn evenings soon to come are saved

Thanks for a great evening Anna!
Take care

12 July 2009

Back in business

Wooohoo I am back, thanks to my husband who not only fixed my computer but also managed to save all my photos and documents in the process! Is he the shit or what? So will I start doing back ups ? Yep! Regularly? Nope, knowing me the answer is probably not. Unfortunately I am not a back up kind of gal although my husband ( on the second day of computer fixing) mumbled something through clenched teeth about this being the first and last time he ever would help me out did I NOT start making back ups. So I better start making them I suppose. Not that much work really just very boring…..but on the other hand I had enough of excitement when I though all my pics where gone….

So what have I been doing this computer free couple of weeks? Well I have been at the country house walking by the sea taking pictures, started on two knitting’s, made some new granny squares’ and visited a few jumble sales. I also spent a lot of time lying in the hammock reading…. Doesn’t sound too bad eh? I also took up my recycled art again and made three brooches out of a tin can, some comic magazines, pearls and wire. I am a great fan of Modesty Blaise as you might see….

Tomorrow my dear blogfriend Anna from Helylle is coming over for a creative evening and then I think I just might do a bit of wet felting. Haven’t done much felting since the exhibition but found this lovely felted vessel when I was surfing around and I got very inspired. Hopefully mine will look something like Zeds. Do visit her blog too!

Oh and I ate crayfish. Yes I know you are not supposed to eat them until august (accompanied with aquavit and obscure songs….) but I was craving….. and it almost doesn’t count since I did without the aquavit…. and just the one song...

Take care