17 July 2009

Lat N 55 grader 42' 24' Long E 14 grader 05' 15'

Sea eagle by Mattias Klum

As you all know I am a great fan of photography and I try to visit as many exhibitions as I can. Today my husband asked me if I wanted to go and see some of the fabulous photos of Mattias Klum Now would I ? You bet ya! Not only would I be able to see the work of the Swedish photographer who has made the cover of National Geographic 8 times (so far...) but also have an outing on my own with my husband. Little did I know that I also was to see the most amazing of buildings….

The exhibition was held at the brewery at the Södra Björstorps manor and I had never heard about it before although I visit that part of Skåne very often and its not that far at all from my country house.

Oh you want to tag along do you? Well, hop in! Fasten seat belts and woohoo here we go!

We drove to just outside Brösarp, took a right turn to Södra Björstorp, went through the woods and then down this beautiful alley...

.....and suddenly I saw it through the trees…..a yellow gemstone of a house….octagonal …..

It was a strange feeling to so unexpectedly see this amazing house rise from the woods. It was love at first sight and I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough to inspect it. You see at first I thought my eyes where deceiving me and that I would find it not octagonal at all when walking around it. But to my joy it was! You can see much better from the air photo from the manors website.

The exhibition was held not in the manor house it self alas as I would have liked to get a peak inside….but in the old brewery. The brewery was beautiful too though and it was a perfect setting for the photos.

Now this is what I would like my old barn to look like...in ten years time or so....
You wish!

Stepping inside we met the very nice owner who told us a bit more about the history of the house. She was very kind and a joy to talk to not like some galley owners I have met over the years. You know the type where it is more important that you are "someone" in the art world than the fact that you are acually interested in the pieces shown. Oh well, enough about that. We learnt that the house is one of its kind in Sweden and built 1775 but the manor go back to ancient times and some of the wood work in the cellars where from 1300. The house is actually sixteen-sided on the outside and octagonal on the inside. Now that must be quite a challenge for interior decorating don’t you think!

The owner

Did I forget to mention the photos? Going on and on about the house am I ? Sorry about that, got a bit carried away I guess! Well the photos where simply wonderful and very inspirational for me! He is such a talented photographer and some of the photos was pure poetry! You can see more of them here. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood you absolutely must pay the house and the exhibition a visit. You won’t regret it! The exhibition is open Tuesday to Sunday until the 30 of august. The opening hours is 11-17. My self I hope to go back really soon bringing a friend from Stockholm.

How to find it?

GPS coordinates:
Lat N 55 grader 42' 24'
Long E 14 grader 05' 15'
or visit the website: http://www.sodrabjorstorp.se/ for more information.

Hope you all have a really nice week end!
Take care


Anna of Helylle said...

Now, this was indeed an outing tailor made for you. wasn't it?

LiLi M. said...

Whow I enjoyed that trip. You are very good as a guide, just telling everything I want to know about the houses and surroundings. That first photo is pretty amazing too. I can see and feel that you had a great day, thanks for sharing! I love that country house! Have a great weekend!