13 July 2009

Blog friendship

There I was reading Eleanor’s blog in Australia always being intrigued and fascinated by her posts but also by the comments made by Anna from Helylle. So I started reading her blog too and one day she posted a picture of a place I knew well and I realized that she must live in my hometown. So I asked her….and to my surprise she lived just a block away from me on the other side of the park! Oh I know it’s a small world I just never imagined that it was that small.

Now we meet regularly for a bit of creativity and lots of laughs. Like tonight! I had planed to do some wet felting but it was so warm we had to sit outside on the porch so I had a go at one of my two ongoing knitting projects instead and we actually managed to get some knitting done in between laughs…..She is even more funny, witty and wise in IRL…can you imagine that ! Strange isn’t it that I should find a new friend by way of Australia!

Productive eh?

Tonight Anna borrowed me a book with lots of creative knitting
Hurrah, the long autumn evenings soon to come are saved

Thanks for a great evening Anna!
Take care


Maria said...

Så härligt att ni fann varandra sådär genom bloggen. Och att det skedde genom en blogg i Australien!
Jag har också hittat flera nya vänner genom bloggandet. Det är ju fantastiskt! Och skulle jag inte bo i andra änden av vårt avlånga land så skulle jag gärna vara med på din och Annas kreativa stunder också.

LiLi M. said...

This looks like so much fun! Funny how that awesome knitting book makes you look forward to autumn again. I love all seasons, but especially I love to look forward, don't look back too much! Mmm perhaps I should read that Australian blog too, who knows who is blogging right now around the corner!

ellie said...

It's so wonderful to see you both together laughing and knitting and having fun. Blogging isn't such a wide world at all, is it! In fact a close connection of community - I have met some lovely "real life" friends via blogging.
Enjoy your crafty times together - please do continue to share with us.

Anna Stilla said...

Jag vill så gärna sitta där med Er!


Anna of Helylle said...

Thanks to you, my dear! It was a very pleasant evening indeed!

Eleanor said...


I didn't realise that you didn't know each other before....I didn't realise that you met via my blog!!

I am HONOURED to have brought together 2 such FABULOUS women.

What a great world it is!!

P.S. Your bird gives me joy each and every day, right here, beside my laptop, flying flying flying...

Suse said...

Wow, I find it so wonderful that two Swedish women who live a block apart, met in virtual Sydney.

I love the internet.