30 August 2009

Wishes come true

My daughter started taking riding lessons at the age of six and ever since then she has wanted a horse of her own. Yesterday, after eleven years her dream came though. My daughter is a natural when it comes to horses don’t know where she gets it from though. Not me I am sure. It was a joy watching them together slowly getting to know each other. He is a real beauty, sweet tempered but very curious.

Is he cute or what?

Hello, who are you?

Even I dare.....a giant leep....for me

Welcome to the family Kalle!

23 August 2009

Crayfish party

Do you remember I once wrote a post about crayfish parties? Should think it was about this time last year it being a august tradition thing in Sweden. Well the crayfish party is basically yet another opportunity for the Swedes to drink aquavit and sing obscure songs. We decorate our houses with paper lanterns, eat enormous amounts of crayfish and wear silly hats. And drink aquavit! My family usually celebrate our crayfish parties at my parents house in the country which is nice and isolated for the singing part. This year wasn`t any different but the difference was that I drew a blank and was the one having to do the driving back to town, meaning I had to stick with the singing and loose the aquavit. I had a wonderful time all the same and woke up feeling like a spring flower with my husband looking more like a desert plant and his mood prickly as a cactus!

I usually bring my mother flowers but this year I thought I should try something else so I made a chandelier out of rowanberries and dill. I haven`t done any chandeliers in a while and it was great fun so now I feel inspired to do some more.

Take care

17 August 2009

Hazardous part two

Give me some rock music with a good beat and I am one happy driver. So I like to play loud music in my car, you have a problem with that? It’s a free world etcetera, etcetera… Oh, by the way do you remember my Volvo issues ? I saw a great bumper sticker the other day that would be perfect for pimping my Volvo, saying: Insured by Mafia Inc. You hit us and we hit you!


Anyway, there I was happily driving my car with the youngest riding shot gun and the oldest in the back seat, car stereo on full blast and all of us doing some serious head banging to Nirvanas Rape me when suddenly I see all the cars in front of me changing lane heading for the shoulder. Strange I thought searching for some road block or other further on.
When suddenly……


Holy crap!

Looking in my rearview mirror I saw a fire engine so close I swear I could see the firemen laughing at me. Jeez Louise I nearly wet my pants. Did I head for the shoulder? You bet ya! Did I learn something? Not much I am sorry to say. I still think music is best loud on the car stereo. I do look a bit more often in the rearview mirror though and might invest in dipers…..if the accident should occur.

So what do you think? Loud music or not?

Take care

16 August 2009


I’ve had kind of a creative draught lately but for the last couple of days the urge to create something has started to build up again….. Suddenly my head is full of ideas swirling around like in a gigantic spin dryer and I feel like I’m going to explode…..A nice feeling in one way but also a bit stressing because so many possibilities and so little time…Where shall I start?

I want to knit some graffiti to put on a lamp post outside my dead boring neighbor’. I first thought about knitting a “hand gesture” but decided to go with “live, love and laugh” instead. It having a more “love thy neighbor” touch…..

I want to make something out of my old stamp collection that I found on the attic the other day…..

….and my old Disney collecting cards found at the same place

…..and I have so many ideas about what I want to wet felt that my head is starting to feel all woolly….

So enough writing, better get started . Just need an ice cream break first.....

See ya soon

11 August 2009


In Sweden we have a saying ” sådan ägare, sådan hund” which would translate into ”like owner, like dog” when we make fun of the fact that there is an resemblance between the owner and his dog. This morning when I drove to work I started to think the same way about cars but when it came not to their owners but to their registration plates. Eh come again? Well, in Sweden the plates consists of three random letters followed by three numbers and occasionally these letters form a word. Like this morning when a fast and brightly orange sports car overtook a dark brown and more heavy set one…..and the orange had BEE and the brown one OTT…..and I thought a bee overtaking an otter …..and then I was hooked. Couldn’t stop looking at all my fellow commuters registration plates, did it fit with the impression I got of the car?

Warning, warning, warning!
This is when we get to the hazardous part! Doing this is not only addictive but also extremely dangerous making you into an accident waiting to happen and might get you into a situation where you are looking much closer at the plate than you ever wanted …..which is right before you drive into it….

I really must stop looking…..

Oh look that plate has PMS …..and that one is a….

Oh bother!

Have a nice day!

05 August 2009

Drift wood

I like going to the beach and search for drift wood. It’s something very soothing and calming about taking a stroll preferably on an empty beach feeling the sand between your toes and the happiness when you find something truly beautiful. Feeling the smooth surface of the drift wood under your fingers and wonder where it originally came from.

As of late I have been having problems finding any, drift wood that is not beaches. Today when surfing around internet I got the answer to why. Someone have been nicking the wood before me and in France of all places. I found the site Bleu Nature , a french company making lovely furniture and other items from drift wood.

Evidently they start every season by going out on the beaches of Normandy collecting all the drift wood they can find and then back to the work shop where the design takes place. No wonder I can’t find any wood over here anymore…. LOL. Lets hope the winds blow in my direction this autumn eh?

Take care

02 August 2009

In loving memory

My sweet, cuddly, funny and loyal companion for nine years died last friday probably due to have eaten rat posion. I meant to write a much longer post, a post worthy a true friend but the letters are getting blurred and the key board wet after just a few sentences.

Funny how such a small animal can fill such a big place in your heart!

I miss him so much!