30 August 2009

Wishes come true

My daughter started taking riding lessons at the age of six and ever since then she has wanted a horse of her own. Yesterday, after eleven years her dream came though. My daughter is a natural when it comes to horses don’t know where she gets it from though. Not me I am sure. It was a joy watching them together slowly getting to know each other. He is a real beauty, sweet tempered but very curious.

Is he cute or what?

Hello, who are you?

Even I dare.....a giant leep....for me

Welcome to the family Kalle!


Angela Louise said...

How wonderful Jeanette! Your daughter must be thrilled to bits!
Horses are such lovely animals, especially if they have a gentle nature to go with their good looks. He does look like a beauty. Our little horse is now residing at another ladies place where she is teaching him to pull carriages. He could do it when we bought him but hasn't done any since so he should pick it up really well.
Hope you are all well and "nearly autumn" is starting to stir the creative energies in you,
hugs, Angela.

Toril said...

Vilken söt häst:) grattis till er båda! Jag var också hästtokig när jag var liten men på senare år har jag stor respekt för dem å skulle inte kasta mig upp på hästryggen i första taget! Må gott och klappa pållen!

LiLi M. said...

Your daughter must be thrilled! I have to admit that I think that horses are rather big and they always seem to think that my hair is straw. Mmm perhaps I should make braids like you Jeanette. Well have fun with your new friend!

Plain Jane said...

the horse is adorable! how exciting!