23 August 2009

Crayfish party

Do you remember I once wrote a post about crayfish parties? Should think it was about this time last year it being a august tradition thing in Sweden. Well the crayfish party is basically yet another opportunity for the Swedes to drink aquavit and sing obscure songs. We decorate our houses with paper lanterns, eat enormous amounts of crayfish and wear silly hats. And drink aquavit! My family usually celebrate our crayfish parties at my parents house in the country which is nice and isolated for the singing part. This year wasn`t any different but the difference was that I drew a blank and was the one having to do the driving back to town, meaning I had to stick with the singing and loose the aquavit. I had a wonderful time all the same and woke up feeling like a spring flower with my husband looking more like a desert plant and his mood prickly as a cactus!

I usually bring my mother flowers but this year I thought I should try something else so I made a chandelier out of rowanberries and dill. I haven`t done any chandeliers in a while and it was great fun so now I feel inspired to do some more.

Take care


LiLi M. said...

You always crack me up Jeanette! Thanks for that!
That chandelier is nice, just let the creative juices flow again. I have been away for the weekend, now I'm catching up, so I stay a short time only.

Maria said...

Älskar den vackra kronan!

Anna of Helylle said...

Aaaah, den är ju helt underbar!!