11 August 2009


In Sweden we have a saying ” sådan ägare, sådan hund” which would translate into ”like owner, like dog” when we make fun of the fact that there is an resemblance between the owner and his dog. This morning when I drove to work I started to think the same way about cars but when it came not to their owners but to their registration plates. Eh come again? Well, in Sweden the plates consists of three random letters followed by three numbers and occasionally these letters form a word. Like this morning when a fast and brightly orange sports car overtook a dark brown and more heavy set one…..and the orange had BEE and the brown one OTT…..and I thought a bee overtaking an otter …..and then I was hooked. Couldn’t stop looking at all my fellow commuters registration plates, did it fit with the impression I got of the car?

Warning, warning, warning!
This is when we get to the hazardous part! Doing this is not only addictive but also extremely dangerous making you into an accident waiting to happen and might get you into a situation where you are looking much closer at the plate than you ever wanted …..which is right before you drive into it….

I really must stop looking…..

Oh look that plate has PMS …..and that one is a….

Oh bother!

Have a nice day!

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LiLi M. said...

Hahaha you cracked me up Jeanette. We have GNX now what would you make of that?! Have a nice day, what is left of it, well tomorrow there will probably be a new one to enjoy and enjoy the last part of Summer too, it always makes me a bit melancholic. So I'd better start creating!