17 August 2009

Hazardous part two

Give me some rock music with a good beat and I am one happy driver. So I like to play loud music in my car, you have a problem with that? It’s a free world etcetera, etcetera… Oh, by the way do you remember my Volvo issues ? I saw a great bumper sticker the other day that would be perfect for pimping my Volvo, saying: Insured by Mafia Inc. You hit us and we hit you!


Anyway, there I was happily driving my car with the youngest riding shot gun and the oldest in the back seat, car stereo on full blast and all of us doing some serious head banging to Nirvanas Rape me when suddenly I see all the cars in front of me changing lane heading for the shoulder. Strange I thought searching for some road block or other further on.
When suddenly……


Holy crap!

Looking in my rearview mirror I saw a fire engine so close I swear I could see the firemen laughing at me. Jeez Louise I nearly wet my pants. Did I head for the shoulder? You bet ya! Did I learn something? Not much I am sorry to say. I still think music is best loud on the car stereo. I do look a bit more often in the rearview mirror though and might invest in dipers…..if the accident should occur.

So what do you think? Loud music or not?

Take care

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LiLi M. said...


It reminds me of my cousin. Driving and singing Let the sunshine. We were having a great time. We entered the parking lot and my niece just out of instinct tried to speed up and go with the guy in front of us into the lot. You know you pull a card, the barrier goes up, you drive, the barrier goes down, next car, pulls a card etc. Now my cousin tried to go at the same time as the guy in front of us. We were so happy singing! Hahaha! But the guy who was running this parking lot couldn't laugh at all. Men!