05 August 2009

Drift wood

I like going to the beach and search for drift wood. It’s something very soothing and calming about taking a stroll preferably on an empty beach feeling the sand between your toes and the happiness when you find something truly beautiful. Feeling the smooth surface of the drift wood under your fingers and wonder where it originally came from.

As of late I have been having problems finding any, drift wood that is not beaches. Today when surfing around internet I got the answer to why. Someone have been nicking the wood before me and in France of all places. I found the site Bleu Nature , a french company making lovely furniture and other items from drift wood.

Evidently they start every season by going out on the beaches of Normandy collecting all the drift wood they can find and then back to the work shop where the design takes place. No wonder I can’t find any wood over here anymore…. LOL. Lets hope the winds blow in my direction this autumn eh?

Take care

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LiLi M. said...

Perhaps you should use a fish pot, fill it with branches and put the whole in the sea water. Presto! After a couple of weeks of course.
You could look for shells and broken glass now, because we don't want to miss our relaxing activity do we?. Take even more fishpots and branches and deal with the french! Oh, I am such a practical person! Are you feeling a little better today? I have been thinking of you, just take care!