07 April 2009

And the winner is.....

Now when the exhibition is well on it`s way I need a new creative goal in life. As you may remember I had a little competion a few posts back challenging you to take a guess at what I was making. Today when I was going to pick a winner I suddenly realized that I didn`t want to pick out just the one. All the kind readers entering a comment should win something since the comments helped me so much towards gathering my confidence. I decided that I am going to try and customize the winnings - trying really hard to give you something personal based on what I read on each of your blogs. Blogs that I enjoy so much to read!

It might take a while.....but how is that for a new creative goal eh?

So dear commentmakers......
Anna Stilla
Lili M
Plain Jane

......please mail me your address at fotoblogg@hotmail.com and I will send you your customized gift. It might take a while. Can`t say when or what..... creativity can`t be hurried or urged. All I can say is that it will come through your letterbox some time this year !

Take ca......
Oh you want to know what I was making? Well here goes....

Office space

The mobile for my exhibition made out of recycled office documents

A guardian Angel customized for my dear friend Barbro out of a tin can and bottlecaps

Take care

02 April 2009

Ta dah!

My pictures on the walls......

Woo hooo I dared !

And blogg Anna of Helylle came.....

.....and I got so many beautiful flowers from friends and collegues

.......but most fun of all
They came to watch my art!

Seed-vessels made of wire and wool

Wet felted flower

Wet felted heart with embroidery, pearls and fabric

Echinacea and poppies

Mobile made of recycled paper

So this is one tired but happy lady soon going to bed for a hopefully more restful sleep than last night. Thanking you all for your love and support!

Take care


....and Monne I couldn`t have done it without you...... I owe you! Big time!

01 April 2009

Stage fright

It all seemed such a good idea at first. A fun goal to have and something that would make me finish some of my wool projects….
But now….If you can have a panic attack, stage fright and a severe attack of the heebe jebees at the same time then I have it. Tomorrow is the opening day of my exhibition and yesterday my dear friend Monne and I hung the pictures. It left me feeling…..scared! It is now out of my control. I can`t change my mind about what photos to show or which of my needle feltings to bring any more. It`s done! What if no one likes them? Or no one comes looking? Last night I dreamt that I came to work ( my exhibition is at my work) and all the photos had fallen down during the night and the frames laid smashed to pieces on the floor. I wonder what a therapist might make out of that. One way ticket to the looney bin probably!

So please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow night !

Take care

PS Do you want a sneak peek?