01 April 2009

Stage fright

It all seemed such a good idea at first. A fun goal to have and something that would make me finish some of my wool projects….
But now….If you can have a panic attack, stage fright and a severe attack of the heebe jebees at the same time then I have it. Tomorrow is the opening day of my exhibition and yesterday my dear friend Monne and I hung the pictures. It left me feeling…..scared! It is now out of my control. I can`t change my mind about what photos to show or which of my needle feltings to bring any more. It`s done! What if no one likes them? Or no one comes looking? Last night I dreamt that I came to work ( my exhibition is at my work) and all the photos had fallen down during the night and the frames laid smashed to pieces on the floor. I wonder what a therapist might make out of that. One way ticket to the looney bin probably!

So please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow night !

Take care

PS Do you want a sneak peek?


Anna Stilla said...

Det kommer att gå jättebra! Du behöver inte alls vara rädd. Men jag håller tummarna! Kram!

Angela Louise said...

Dear Jeanette, I wish for you a very successful exhibition. You are such an amazing artist and to bite the bullet and do an exhibition all by yourself is simply incredible. I am sure everyone will really appreciate EVERY piece of art work you have to offer....wish I was there.
All the best dear friend and can I see more photos of your wonderfully creative pieces please!
Hugs, Angela.

LiLi M. said...

It's going to be allright Jeanette, I'm sure of that. At least you can show the public this picture in the case that everything is lying on the ground lol. No, no, it won't be like that. You will see, you will be nervous in the beginning and then when you hear that everybody loves your work, you will get a lot of positive energy! Enjoy that!

Mandi said...

Everythig will be fine and all wishes are with you anyway...hope you get lots of attention and makes some pennies as well....all the best Mandi