27 February 2010

Spring cleaning

School holidays last week so I took a few days off too. I did a long overdue spring-cleaning of my work room and found lots of interesting stuff hidden away. The fact that my work table was finally de-cluttered had me feeling really creative….so I started a new felted art project. Still some embroidery to be done but this is what it looks like so far.

My youngest daughter also started some spring cleaning of her own – painting her room bright pink!

The writing says Emma is the greatest

Take care

12 February 2010

Valentine`s Day

I have mixed emotions when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I know this could be a touchy subject......On the one hand I think it’s a good thing people showing each other love and affection on the 14 of February but on the other hand I think it’s rather silly. I mean you should do that all the time right? Okey I can buy that if you are like 10 and secretly in love with the girl / boy next door you drop them a Valentine’s card hoping that he/she understands that it’s you….But if you are 25 and in a relationship wouldn’t you be much more happy if the guy just showed up with flowers and chocolate any odd day? For me that’s a much greater sign of affection than doing it on the 14:th since he probably just remembered because the daily paper, TV and shops were screaming out reminders…..

So Love like there is no tomorrow and remember to show your near ones that you love them everyday!

I hope you will receive true love and affection on Valentine` s Day …..and all other days!

Love to you all

10 February 2010


I read somewhere, could be in the funnies that the reason men has a hard time multitasking is because they think about sex all the time. Or food. Or beer. Or fast cars. Not necessarily in that order and one at the time naturally whereas women can think about sex, food (chocolate), beer and cars at the same time as worrying about the kids, make dinner and hold a job. That got me thinking that maybe multitasking isn’t such a good thing. That maybe multitasking plays a part in the fact that women write worry lists and men most often don’t. Or am I wrong here? That maybe our lives would be so much better doing just the one thing and then naturally we would worry about one thing at the time too.

Elementary Mr. Watson!

Or ????

Take care


09 February 2010

No worries mate

Today Eleanor wrote about worries on her blog. Not real worries, the ones that make you roll up your sleeves and deal with it but the imaginary ones that go on just in your head but usually are the ones that cause you the most anxiety. She decided to make a list over all the ridiculous things she had worried about today, a sort of blog therapy. I think this is the best idea ever and that it will save you a lot on psychiatry bills.

So I stole it!

Here goes:

My ridiculous worries of today

Today I was so tired of the snow (and desperately longing for spring) that I dug all the way through the snow to see if any of my crocus where starting to sprout. Now I worry that my next door neighbor should consider me nuts! Worse is that I also worry that my boss by some strange coincidence walked by and saw me digging since I am home on day 2 of a stomach bug and definitely shouldn’t be out digging. And tomorrow when I get back to work I will be called into her office and be fired. The fact that my garden is surrounded by a tall hedge and no one could possibly see me makes this worry even more ridiculous.

This weekend I am going to Stockholm to visit a friend. I will also meet some of her friends that I haven’t met before. Now I worry that they will consider me unintelligent, that I will go silent with nothing clever to say or worse babbling complete nonsense. I also worry that they will find my south Swedish accent really stupid. The accent thing is a great worry whenever I go to Stockholm and if I could chose I would speak English in shops and such…. South Swedish accent is often used in film and books if you want to mark someone as being really, really daft hence the fear of opening my mouth….

Today I sent an email to a colleague ( yeah, yeah I am working from home although I am sick….) and told her that I think she is a very wise person and that I appreciate her knowledge and advise. I wrote it in a sort of humorous way and now I am worried that maybe she will be offended…..

Today ( and all other days) I constantly worry about the fact that some day soon everyone will figure out that I am a fake. That behind the mask of competence and knowledge is a person with not the faintest of clues to anything….That although I run as fast as I can sooner or later someone will catch up, point a finger at me and yell FAKE!

And naturally since my last post was about seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty I now worry about you all thinking that I am a big fat lie since ridiculous worrying doesn’t go all that well with positive thinking.

No worries? In your dreams mate!

Take care

04 February 2010


Maria, one of my blogfriends wrote a post about joy recently. She wrote about the choice we all have in how we meet life. To value the joy in everyday life and try to always remember and cherish the things that make you happy and content and not focus on the things that brings you down or make you sad, angry and unhappy. She wrote that “joy and happiness isn’t anything that comes from the outside it comes from within yourself”

Apparently this was provocative for some, meaning that depression, severe illness, hunger, famine and war isn’t something you just shake off with a positive thought. True of course but I don’t think she meant that we were to walk round in La La Land with a constant smile on our faces with eyes and ears closed to what happens in our surroundings. Quite the opposite I think.

I have a firm belief in the power of thought! Positive thoughts can move mountains. Through work and friends I have met people with severe cancer, illnesses or physically disabled that have taught me so much about the joy of living. One of my most vivid memories is one of my patients, paralyzed from the neck down who said that he never felt disabled. He lived a full life and enjoyed every minute of it. He used to say “ What use is there to think about the things that I can’t do when there is so much that I can do”. At the age of 14 my father was in a prison camp in Siberia during World War 2. He has taught me that there is always hope and always a solution but it is up to you to find it! Or to try to figure it out!

I am sad, sometimes unhappy but I truly try to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Life is much more fun that way.

Today I chose to feel joy over:
My daughters
Spring flowers on my windowsill
Snow glistering in the sunlight
My husband’s text message from Grenoble

Take care