12 February 2010

Valentine`s Day

I have mixed emotions when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I know this could be a touchy subject......On the one hand I think it’s a good thing people showing each other love and affection on the 14 of February but on the other hand I think it’s rather silly. I mean you should do that all the time right? Okey I can buy that if you are like 10 and secretly in love with the girl / boy next door you drop them a Valentine’s card hoping that he/she understands that it’s you….But if you are 25 and in a relationship wouldn’t you be much more happy if the guy just showed up with flowers and chocolate any odd day? For me that’s a much greater sign of affection than doing it on the 14:th since he probably just remembered because the daily paper, TV and shops were screaming out reminders…..

So Love like there is no tomorrow and remember to show your near ones that you love them everyday!

I hope you will receive true love and affection on Valentine` s Day …..and all other days!

Love to you all


Jane LaFazio said...

beautiful pic. And why not a day to celebrate hearts!?

Maria said...

Jag gillar inte det kommersiella med alla hjärtans dag, men annars är det aldrig fel med kärlek...