10 February 2010


I read somewhere, could be in the funnies that the reason men has a hard time multitasking is because they think about sex all the time. Or food. Or beer. Or fast cars. Not necessarily in that order and one at the time naturally whereas women can think about sex, food (chocolate), beer and cars at the same time as worrying about the kids, make dinner and hold a job. That got me thinking that maybe multitasking isn’t such a good thing. That maybe multitasking plays a part in the fact that women write worry lists and men most often don’t. Or am I wrong here? That maybe our lives would be so much better doing just the one thing and then naturally we would worry about one thing at the time too.

Elementary Mr. Watson!

Or ????

Take care



LiLi M. said...

Let me tell you that I cannot multitask. I don't want to either. In fact I have a problem to keep my mind to one task, as I am very easily distracted.
Mmmm sometimes I wonder: Am I a woman? Though I have to admit I am not thinking of beer a lot, maybe that helps! I do make the lists though, numerous lists, I just cannot help myself. Before I start I make lists. I even put some things on lists that I have already done, just for having the pleasure of putting a v in front of it, as a sign of 'done'. I guess I better stop revealing those odd things of myself now and just wish you a very lovely day, whatever you are doing! Smiles!

Toril said...

Ja jag vet inte riktigt vilket som är bäst. Men att män inte kan göra flera saker samtidigt får jag bevisat gång på gång...Men jag har hört å läst någonstans så har det tänket att göra med att på stenåldern så hade män som uppgift att jaga (tunnelseende å fokus på en sak), medan kvinnorna skulle ha hand om huset, barnen å elden (flera saker på stor yta)...
Men vem vet?
Allt gott:)