04 February 2010


Maria, one of my blogfriends wrote a post about joy recently. She wrote about the choice we all have in how we meet life. To value the joy in everyday life and try to always remember and cherish the things that make you happy and content and not focus on the things that brings you down or make you sad, angry and unhappy. She wrote that “joy and happiness isn’t anything that comes from the outside it comes from within yourself”

Apparently this was provocative for some, meaning that depression, severe illness, hunger, famine and war isn’t something you just shake off with a positive thought. True of course but I don’t think she meant that we were to walk round in La La Land with a constant smile on our faces with eyes and ears closed to what happens in our surroundings. Quite the opposite I think.

I have a firm belief in the power of thought! Positive thoughts can move mountains. Through work and friends I have met people with severe cancer, illnesses or physically disabled that have taught me so much about the joy of living. One of my most vivid memories is one of my patients, paralyzed from the neck down who said that he never felt disabled. He lived a full life and enjoyed every minute of it. He used to say “ What use is there to think about the things that I can’t do when there is so much that I can do”. At the age of 14 my father was in a prison camp in Siberia during World War 2. He has taught me that there is always hope and always a solution but it is up to you to find it! Or to try to figure it out!

I am sad, sometimes unhappy but I truly try to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Life is much more fun that way.

Today I chose to feel joy over:
My daughters
Spring flowers on my windowsill
Snow glistering in the sunlight
My husband’s text message from Grenoble

Take care


Maria said...

Hej Jeanette!
Mycket bra skrivet och jag känner att du har samma tänk som jag.
Kanske de som blev provocerade bara såg det ensidigt...
Jag har lärt mig det här, bara nu sista året. och jag tror att det faktum att jag mist min syster gör att jag på riktigt fått upp ögonen.
Jag kan inte slösa bort mitt liv nu, om jag skulle drabbas av detsamma. Man måste leva och försöka glädjas. Att se den lilla glädjen är väl samma som att ha hopp. Och utan hopp så har väl människan helt gett upp. Och det är det inte många som gör, hur mycket elände de än går igenom.
Tack för ett fint inlägg!

LiLi M. said...

Of course I know exactly what you mea, being your spiritual twin sister and I do agree so much! I think that is one of the advantages too of having a blog, that we (almost) all are so positive and all seem to have such positive lifes. Of course we all have our downs too, but most of the times we choose to see our little nooks in blogland as a care free space. Though at the same time this is a space to share sorrow and sadness too, I think blog people are very empathic people. I do think that life is so much better if you try to see the bright sides. A lot of times it just doesn't help to complain, so why should you? Thanks for inspiration!

teresa said...

Viktiga tanker du skriver om. Det är lite provocerande att vi i väst, med tid o pengar i relativt överflöd, ofta koncentrerar oss på negativa saker. Samtidigt är det ju så svårt - får själv kämpa dagligen med att tänka positivt. Men det ligger onekligen ngt i att man väljer att se glaset som halvtomt eller halvfullt.
Ang. engelska stickbeskrivningar; jag tror att det kan finnas lexikon på Stickameras hemsida. Eller låna/köp en bra stickbok - där brukar det alltid finnas ordlista. De brukar bara röra sig om ett antal termer kan behöver kunna. Eller hör av dig; jag hjälper dig gärna. (Även här gäller det att tänka positivt; jag klarar det...!)