12 July 2009

Back in business

Wooohoo I am back, thanks to my husband who not only fixed my computer but also managed to save all my photos and documents in the process! Is he the shit or what? So will I start doing back ups ? Yep! Regularly? Nope, knowing me the answer is probably not. Unfortunately I am not a back up kind of gal although my husband ( on the second day of computer fixing) mumbled something through clenched teeth about this being the first and last time he ever would help me out did I NOT start making back ups. So I better start making them I suppose. Not that much work really just very boring…..but on the other hand I had enough of excitement when I though all my pics where gone….

So what have I been doing this computer free couple of weeks? Well I have been at the country house walking by the sea taking pictures, started on two knitting’s, made some new granny squares’ and visited a few jumble sales. I also spent a lot of time lying in the hammock reading…. Doesn’t sound too bad eh? I also took up my recycled art again and made three brooches out of a tin can, some comic magazines, pearls and wire. I am a great fan of Modesty Blaise as you might see….

Tomorrow my dear blogfriend Anna from Helylle is coming over for a creative evening and then I think I just might do a bit of wet felting. Haven’t done much felting since the exhibition but found this lovely felted vessel when I was surfing around and I got very inspired. Hopefully mine will look something like Zeds. Do visit her blog too!

Oh and I ate crayfish. Yes I know you are not supposed to eat them until august (accompanied with aquavit and obscure songs….) but I was craving….. and it almost doesn’t count since I did without the aquavit…. and just the one song...

Take care


Angela Louise said...

Welcome back Jeanette!
Wow, I think your brooches are really cool!
It sounds like you have been having a lovely time and to top it all off you got to eat crayfish!!YUM! I often get prawn cravings and can't think of anything else...to the point that I will buy some when I'm out shopping and eat them in the car in the carpark so I don't have to share them when I get home. How selfindulgent is that?!
Happy web surfing now you have your computer back.
Hugs, Angela.

LiLi M. said...

Yes it is good to see you here and to hear from you again! I love the brooches! Your work has some admirers of those who are allowed to visit the holy temple in my house hahaha, I mean my little studio! Have a great time with Anna tonight!

Val said...

Love those brooches Jeanette - just gorgeous. Hope you had a really creative time with your blog friend Anna.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment too!

Anna Stilla said...

Skönt att du är tillbaka Jeanette! Och roligt att höra att du inte har gått under när datorn hade strejkat. Tvärtom, du har varit jättekreativ. Så i slutändan är det kanske meningen men datakrascher ibland?
Jättefina broscher du har gjort!


Zed said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks for the comments on my blog, and for posting the picture and a link. I had a look at your blogs, you make some really lovely and interesting things (I really like the Doodling piece). You take nice photos too :)

Anna of Helylle said...

Man får äta vad man vill när man vill. Det är hela finessen med att vara vuxen!