29 June 2009


As you all can see this is not me.....but it very well could be.

My computer have been behaving oddly this last couple of weeks but I have tried to ignore it hoping it would all go away by it self. It SO not have !!!! Last night it started sending this odd messages like

Not enough space

Runtime failiure XWZ bla, bla, bla 675 XXX

CC ++ bla, bla, bla


No it didn`t say that but it was hinted IN VERY BIG LETTERS ! And then it just gave up !
Had I done any recent back up ? Nope!
Have I probably lost all my pics with the new camera and all my work related documents? Yep!
Am I angry with myself and devastated? You bet ya!

So folks this looks like it`s going to be not only a vacation soon to come but a blog vacation at that. I will read and comment on your blogs from my daughters computer but my posts will be few or without photos until Hubby hopefully has cured mine!

Hope you have great days in the sun!

Take care



Mandi said...

Yep...it happens and what a pain it is....my has done it twice and after the last time I thought I would always put things on disc....need to do that again as I have about two months of photos to save otherwise I've had it....mmmm.I had better get too it...have a good week...

Anna Stilla said...

Alla dessa datorer...

Jag har så många bilder i min. och så tänker jag att jag ska göra en säkerhetskopia av dem men jag tycker att det är så omständigt med att bränna skivor. Fast i en affär såg jag ett USB-minne med 16 gigabyte. 16!!! Det är mer än den delen av hårddisken där jag lägger bilderna har. Jag måste köpa mig det där minnet.


LiLi M. said...

Hi over there! Enjoying the sun over here too. Though my computer works. Yessss do make that nice trip to Holland, I told you before, you are welcome any time. In the meantime I was thinking of going to Sweden next Summer. Hahaha we'd better keep each other posted. Have a great and sunny weekend!