17 June 2009


I past the TV room the other day when my daughters sat watching a TV show and judging by the OMG, OMG,OMG in high pitched girly voices that was coming from the screen I had it written of as just another stupefying American soap. On my third trip past the TV room I just had to see what crap they where watching…..

It was called my new BFF and staring Paris Hilton and it left me depressed and sad! It showed a dozen or so young American girls competing to become Paris Hiltons new best friend. It made me think of school days and the invisible or bullied kids that where always left out and how some of them did almost anything to be included. How they could be made to do all kind of stupid or humiliating things and in the end they where still left out and how that could have them marked for life.

When I mentioned this to Emma, my youngest she just shrugged her shoulders and wisely said that it’s the little brother syndrome. You know when the older brother has you go fetch the ball a hundred times saying “go get the ball and you can play with us”. Being a kid sister I suppose she knows a bit about that…. Anyway, Paris Hilton takes this to a whole other level and it made me very sad but also very grateful for the friends I have.

This past month when life has been tough on me my friends have all been there for me sharing laughter and tears telling me that everything will be all right. Or just hugging me but saying nothing knowing that a hug was just what I needed.

Thinking about this suddenly had me humming….. Carole King right?

When you’re down and troubled
And you need a helping hand
And nothing, nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name,
And you know wherever I am
Ill come running
To see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
All you have to do is call
And Ill be there, yes I’ll be there
Cause you’ve got a friend.

Oh how true!

Thank you all my dear friends. Life would be nothing without you!
Take care


ellie said...

Oh - I hope things are slowly getting better for you, and that you're getting stronger.
We sometimes underestimate the importance and need of good, true, honest, real, thoughtful and loving friends.
I remember those days of school (and now even have pangs over wanting a particular someone to be my friend, and trying hard to impress them). But then when I spend time with my few real friends, then I know things are right.
Having daughters can be hard, I think it's up to us to help them through all the silliness (dare I say b*tchiness). I know my mum is one big reason I didn't totally succumb to all of that at school.

Enjoy your day. and Take care. xxx

Mandi said...

Thinking of you Jeanette...hope the up is now here ...