21 June 2009

Lazy Days

The wind in the grass, the hawk in the sky, butterflies on flowers and my daughter riding through the fields …..aaah this weekend was a great reminder of lazy days soon to come. Only 2 weeks of hard work left and then its 5 weeks of doing absolutely nothing. Or at least that’s what I am going for this summer. Could be that I will visit the occasional jumble sale, paint the odd wall or two at the country house, do a little wet felting and some concrete work and some weeding and….. Oh lets face it, I am not a doing nothing kind of gal….so most likely I will be doing something…..but it will be something of my own choosing that I really, really want to do!
Take care


LiLi M. said...

I am sooo looking forward to vacation too! And guess what my spiritual twinsister. I know my hubby.....exactly 30 years too. Spooky!!! Have a great week!

Angela Louise said...

Sounds wonderful Jeanette....a much needed break for all you've been going through. I hope you are well.
It's funny how when you are a doing kind of girl, doing things we want to do is like doing nothing...if you know what I mean???
These are beautiful photos. The countryside is so lovely.
Always thinking of you dear friend,

Mandi said...

wonderful photos...all looks really relaxing and genteel...enjoy your breaks and relax lots...