16 July 2007

May I present my new project ....

This is my new project and where I’m going to spend my coming three weeks of vacation! As you can see it gives me a lot of opportunities for being creative!! .Unfortunately patience isn’t one of my strongest virtues. In my world we are already finished and I can start the much more fun part of interior decorating and going to jumble sales. My husband on the other hand is a very careful and patient man and this is sometimes a source for "minor" conflicts. I want to do things fast and tend to be a wee bit careless and my husband ….well he is just the opposite! And when things aren’t going fast enough I get a strange urge to hunt someone down with my sledgehammer….

As you can all understand this will be a lovely and peaceful vacation!

Nothing a little white paint and some antique furniture can`t fix right ?

This is the old stable and barn where I plan to have my "work room" .

Welcome inside...

.......Not quite ready yet as you can see !
And it smells a bit of Eau de Cow !

This is how I plan it to be........in ten years time !

This however is where I will sit every evening after a long day of hard work watching the wind in the corn fields and sipping a glas of wine! Life could be a lot worse don`t you think ?

I hope to keep you posted on the progress here at my blog. I wish you all a wonderful summer !


Angela Louise said...

Oh wow Jeanette, I can't believe you have found such a wonderful place to "play" with. I can see you sure will be spending many hours tinkering with this place...what scope...you can transform it into anything.I would love to be in your shoes!
I know exactly what you mean about wanting to rush in and get things done. My husband is also a very patient man who gives each project so much thought I could murder him...on the upside though, he does usually do a good job. Fortunately he sometimes lets me push him faster than he would like.
Have a wonderful three weeks. Happy planning and dreaming,

EVA AGNES said...

Hej Jeanette!
Vilket underbart ställe du har funnit att skapa i och vistas i.
För mig ser det ut som Österlen eller i alla fall Skåne.
Det kommer att bli underbart fint.
Lite avundsjuk är jag.
Kramar Eva Agnes

Betty Jo said...

What a beautiful, beautiful place. I wish you well in this big undertaking. :)

Plain Jane said...

so VERY gorgeous, even in it's raw state. Is this your vacation home? What a view!! do keep us posted.

Lifeblog said...

Oj, vilket ställe! Kanske bjuder du också in ERNST eller kanske BYGGLOV?
LYCKA TILL och njut!

molly jean said...

It all looks wonderful, Jeannette! And it seems that you and your husband both survived! :)