30 July 2007

The rain keeps on falling...

......and falling and falling! The weather has been really bad these past few days so I have spent most of my time indoors painting board. In the evenings I made pillow cases from the old ones I bought at the jumble sale. I sat in the kitchen sewing ( the only room with electricity and a lamp) and it had The Little House on the Prairie written all over it with me as Mrs Ingalls. Yesterday the weather finally became a little better so I took a walk in the forest nearby. I was glad I had my camera with me when I spotted this guy looking straight at me. The forest is a wildlife protection area and I hope to explore it further if just the rain will stop. So far this summer has been one giant rainfall…..

Swedish summer

The rain never stops and not the painting either...

New pillow cases made from the old ones . I scanned two old photos and printed them on t-shirt tranfers and ironed them on the fabric. I added some lace, fabric and small crochet table cloths. I plan to have them in our bedroom as soon as the painting is ready!

So glad I had my camera with me. I haven`t been so close to a fox before.
Is he a cutie or what ?


Plain Jane said...

oooh. such a lovely little fox! and lookin' right at you, indeed.
Hope the rain lets up. Your pillow cases are wonderful.


Gillar dina kuddar skarpt.. sen går ju biden på Micke inte av för hackor heller.

Anonymous said...


Tack för att du tittade in hos mig och nu blev jag ju lite nyfiken på din blog. Vilka underbara kuddar du gör, räven var ju riktigt fin där han tittar rakt på dig

Varma hälsningar

Angela Louise said...

I love your pillow cases. You seem to be getting so much done...good on you! The countryside just looks so beautiful. It always seems so special to come across a wild animal going about its business.
Maybe you could send some of your rain over to us! We are in much need of it again and the dams that supply our town water are now down to 13 percent capacity. There are about 100,000 people relying on this water- just a little worrying!
Best wishes from afar,

Betty Jo said...

Oh My! I so love your photos, the landscape, the cute little fox. We watched foxes in the field when we lived in England. Your pillow cases are incredibly beautiful. What wonderful and creative work you do. I so wish I could fly over to help the painting go faster! What am I talking about? I'm so allergic to paint and other chemicals!! I do wish I could help the work pass quicker for you though, so you can explore the forests and post wonderful photos of it all. xoxo