05 August 2007

Third week

The third and last week of renovation went by so fast and now my vacation is over and tomorrow it’s back to work. Looking back at what we have accomplished I feel amazed. We actually held our timeplan! And we are still married ….Not bad eh? It’s still a lot left to do. Some central heating and hot water would be nice! And a bathroom ! And the second floor isn’t even build yet……But that will all come in good time. Now we know that we can do it together and that gives me great faith for the future!

And when I was desperately dreaming about a villa in the south of France and buying a vacation home in need of renovation seemed like a very bad idea then your nice comments kept me going. Thank you all so much! Now it’s back to more normal routines.and hopefully I will have time for some felting and sewing in the evenings. Oh joy!

How about some before and after photos?

The "master bedroom" looking it`s very worst....

...and looking alot nicer. I will add a few more items but not to many. It`s nice when it`s not so crowded!

The old stable is my new work room and this is the kitchen table to be....

.....and this is the finished result!

The floor in the hall was rotten and we found a rats nest under it when we tore it out. Yuck!

...this is much nicer and no rats in sight!

The best item indoors this summer was patience! And outdoors it was my beloved wellies. Don`t let the sunny photo fool you! It rained buckets all the time..almost!

Last but not least....the landscape!
I so LOVE it! I didn`t want to go back to the city today. I wanted to stay out here forever. Our neighbour, the farmer was harvesting and you heard the kites cry out all day long when they were flying over the fields looking for mice. Oh I so wish I had four more weeks of vacation. It sounds like I am leaving it forever. Silly me! I`m coming back this weekend...
So bye, bye for now dear house


Betty Jo said...

Oooooo Jeanette! You accomplished so much and I know how hard all of you worked to do so. Everything is beautiful. I have so enjoyed watching the changes taking place and can hardly wait to see where it all leads. I love the clean, crisp, uncluttered look of your rooms. Going back to work will be like a vacation for you. I adore all the photos, but especially the boots and the bird. xoxo

Angela Louise said...

I can't believe you have achieved so much in just three weeks! Everything you have done looks great. I know what you mean about finding it hard to leave the country and go back to the city. You don't realize how nice, quiet and serene the country is until you live there for awhile. I'm sure you'll look forward to your weekends so much more now...even if it means hard work.
My best wishes to you Jeanette,

Plain Jane said...

Wow! you did accomplish a lot in 3 weeks? Are you tired and sore? Just think, you didn't have to go to a spa to get exercise! It really does look lovely, clean and pure. So welcoming! And I just love that bird photo!

Gerda-Thyra said...

Vilket hus ni har fått tag på...! Underbart!
I fantasin drömmer jag om att bo på landet på riktigt, men i verkligheten tror jag inte att jag skulle klara av det, behöver nog stadens brus och stök... är väl för rädd att missa något skulle jag tro!

Kul att du har lånat en bok om luffarslöjd på biblioteket, hoppas att den är bra.. för det finns nästan inga riktigt bra och inspirerande böcker i ämnet, vad jag vet! De är oftast så himla tråkiga och "fotriktiga"...
Kul att du tyckte om mina lavendelkronor! De är jättelätta att göra och går fort att få färdiga. Man kan ju hänga annat än lavendel i dem om man vill... vanligt gräs blir jättefint, eller örter av alla de slag.