12 August 2007

Lesson of the week

This weekend was going to be a renovation free weekend ¨( we ended up putting up the staircase to the attic anyway but that’s another story). When I woke up on Saturday morning the weather was warm and sunny for the first time in weeks so I decided to take a ride on my bike to the bakery. Well is not really my bike but my daughters and the bakery is in another village 5 kilometers away but what the heck the sun was shining and I was feeling adventurous…... Of I went pedaling through the beautiful landscape with my knees up under my chin (since my daughter is way shorter than me) and screaming weeeee with delight whenever I went downhill. Life is good I thought to myself

A lot of weeeing later I rode up in front of the bakery. And what a bakery! Yum, Yum, Yum! I bought bread like I was catering for the whole village! Have you ever tried riding a too small bike with to big plastic bags full of bread on the handle-bars? Well I can tell you this - It was a lot less weeeeing on the way back!! Uphill almost all the way and I felt like I was riding Tour de France on a tricycle.
Back home the rest of the family had already eaten breakfast and I collapsed in a chair for half an hour before I could even think of eating mine! But when I sat in the garden eating I thought once again that "Wow, life is good" !
After the washing up was done I sat down in the sun to try out something new. I had borrowed a book at the library about something that we call Luffarslöjd ( “Vagabond handicraft”) in Sweden. I think is`s also called Fil de Fer. You make utility goods, baskets etc in wire. It’s called Vagabond handicraft because the vagabonds used to make it and sell it at the doors to make some money or get a free meal. It was easier than I thought and great fun! Once I was started I couldn’t stop.

My candle holder looks a bit like the tower of Pisa and my little basket is a bit askew so evidently I still need a little more practice though!
In the evening we took the kids to the sea for a swim and then we watched the sun go down at Ale stenar. Ale stenar is a unique Stone Ship from the Bronze-Age, systematically constructed for the calculation of the 365 days of a year and the 24 hours of day.

When I sat there watching the sun go down I thought for the third time that day that life is good!

So what about the staircase? Well I didn`t think I was ever going to say this but in the afternoon I got a bit restless…so we put the staircase up to the attic. Next weekend though I will definitely do absolutely nothing ….

Lesson of the week : Doing nothing is harder than you think!


EVA AGNES said...

Du jag kan både känna och se dig cykla iväg på de skånska småvägarna. Visst är livet underbart när man får leva så som du gör.
Kramr Eva Agnes
PS Får verklig lust att göra luffarslöjd. Är det så lätt som du säger??? :-)

Clara said...

Ha ha ha.......nu har jag suttit här och skrattat och fnittrat och sett framför mig hur du cyklar omkring på den skånska landsbygden......skulle gärna varit där och fotograferat dig!!!!
Kan tänka mig att hemfärden var lagom rolig!
Din luffarslöjd är ju så vacker....men att det är så lätt, tror jag inte på. Tycker det ser avancerat ut.....ni hade en underbar helg iallafall och det var ju det viktigaste. Dina bilder från Skånes natur är som vanligt helt suveräna och jag längtar dit....varje gång! Får ta mig en tur snart igen! Kram

Gerda-Thyra said...

Nej men ser man på...nu har du vevat!
Det var ju inte svårt, det svåra är nog som du säger, att sluta!
Fint blev det, både liten skål och ljusstake...Inte illa!
Vad blir det härnäst? Väntar med spänning...!

Clara said...

Hej igen....jag har en liten hemlighet till dig inne hos mitt! Finns i inlägg från den 13 aug!!!!

Angela Louise said...

Oh Jeanette, what a wonderful weekend you had. I wish I could have shared it with you. It will be one of those weekends I think that you will always think fondly of. You seem to be able to pack so much into just a couple of days.
I love the photo of the little road to the next village that you cycled. It is very hilly around our place so I know just how you felt cycling uphill...makes me almost have a heart attack just thinking about it!
There is something very special about freshly baked bread from the bakery and I too would have had trouble not buying too much. When I see all the beautiful loaves I can picture all manner of open sandwiches loaded with all sorts of delectable fillings! YUM!
Anyhow, life is good, it is what you make it and you seem to be making the most of yours- wonderful to see someone really enjoying life.
Happiness to you,