07 August 2007

Roses for Angela Louise

One of the fun things with having a blog is all the new friends you get from all over the world. When I found Angela Louise’s blog Chelsea Blue Whispers I liked it immediately. It’s nice to share a little of someone else’s life especially when it’s on the other side of the world in a far away place like Australia. I always wanted to visit Australia but never had the opportunity but now I can” visit” whenever I like….

I love Angela Louise’s artwork, her photos and her ROSES! I would very much like to be able to grow some of them in my garden. As I am a very poor gardener ( although my father was a gardener in his profession)I console myself with the fact that it’s probably the perfect weather conditions that makes the roses so beautiful….. And it’s just due to lousy weather and not a hopeless gardener that makes my roses not looking anyway near hers. Fat chance! Do you want to know a secret? When my husband and I moved to our house ten years ago my father recommended green concrete instead of grass in my garden! And plastic plants! That’s how bad I am!

Anyway, back to Angela Louise! Today I finally had some time to sit down and do some felting and I made a few pink roses inspired by her blog. I love the text on her header so I made a quilt and added that too. So dear Angela Louise this is for you!

As you travel down life`s path.. always stop to smell the roses.


Angela Louise said...

Oh Jeanette, I am so touched by your lovely gesture! I'm speechless. The little quilt is just beautiful and your roses...well I just love them. I feel SO special. I think it is wonderful to be able to share in a little of your life and it keeps me motivated to make nice things.
You could contact me via my email if you wish as I now have that on my profile and I could get your details as I would love to send you something in return.
If I don't answer in a hurry, it's because my email has been a little naughty this last couple of days...hopefully it will be sorted today.
(I can't stop smiling!)
Thanks for your ever so lovely words,
hugs to you too,

Cathy Louise said...

Hi Jeanette, I am blessed to see Angela's roses and beautiful creations in real life... She is an amazing gardener.... When I visit her little house I feel at peace, if that makes sense... Your felted creation is so pretty... Take care

Clara said...

Oj, den här var ju så vacker...vad duktig du är!!! Och vilken fin blogg din nya bloggvän har....mycket kreativitet och mycket färg....verkligen inspirerande att läsa! Tack för att du delar med dig av dina inspirationskällor!Kram

Plain Jane said...

lovely! I so enjoy your little felt pieces. I want to know how to make them too.

Betty Jo said...

How beautiful! You are so truly gifted and creative. The quilt is gorgeous and I adore the roses. xoxo

Birgitta said...

Hej Jeanette och välkommen till min blogg. Det var roligt att du gjorde ett besök hos mej. Du har verkligen ett projekt att ägna din tid åt. En sådan gård tar mycket av kraft och kreativitet kan jag tro. Det måste vara bra och få en sådan härlig arbetsyta som ett gammalt stall, mysigt. Det verkar redan som det blir ett drömställe! Angela Louise har mycket vackra ting på sin sida, härligt.

Johanna said...

Vilka underbara saker du gör. Man blir så inspirerad att jag nog måste börja med tovning *ler* . Jag har faktiskt gjort en tovad sak, och det är en vas. Den blev så galen att jag ej har vågat mig på tovning igen. Kuddarna med foto var jättefina :) Vad hittar du det transperanta pappret? Har de sådant på ex Panduro.

Monica H said...

Åh, vad jag tyckte denna var fin!