07 July 2007

Double Daylily

Lin painted this beautiful Daylily in watercolor and I found the colors so beautiful that I tried to felt it. First I wet felted the background and then needle felted the flowers and leafs. It was difficult to get the flowers right.... Lin did a much better job of it than me. But I had fun doing it !

Thank`s for the inspiration Lin !


Lin said...

Jeannette! WOW! You have absolutely made me cry! BLESSINGS for such generous comments and the honor of a felted piece!! I AM OVER WHELMED!!!!

I LOVE your felt!!! WOW! Colors and shapes! GORGEOUS WORK, Jeannette! Do you have sheep? I had a few friends who raised sheep for their wool and made hats and felted pieces from their wool.

I don't have your email to write -- could you send me a note with your email so we can chat? (linfrye@yahoo.com)


mrana said...

wow, jeanette, I loved Lin's painting and you've done a great job of felting it. Love your creations and your blog!

Plain Jane said...

beautiful. I too love your felt pieces! Come to San Diego and do a workshop for us on your felt postcards! (I assume they are that size??)

Angela Louise said...

Dear Jeanette, thankyou for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. It is always so exciting to have a new visitor and you are most welcome to pop in whenever you like.
You have a very nice blog yourself and your felting is just incredible- I love it. I have always been fascinated by it but have never given it a go myself- oh, except for the odd woollen jumper I didn't wash at the right temperature...ooops! Your photos on your other blog are so good. I have only recently discovered how much fun you can have with a camera.My kids think I'm mad taking pictures of cupcakes and the like!
I can't believe you have just bought yourself a Swedish farmhouse...what a romantic idea...oh how I would love to be in your shoes. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time decorating it.
Happiness to you,