05 July 2007


I can’t draw and sketch but I have always wanted to. During the years I have tried from time to time but haven’t really come to terms with it. My twin sister is great at it and maybe that`s the problem. We always competed as kids and I wanted to be just as good as she was. And when I wasn’t - well it just wasn’t any fun…. I have watercolors, oil and acrylic and a lot of canvas. Empty canvas. When I sit down to work nothing comes out. I sit and stare at the empty piece of paper or canvas and I am paralyzed. The paper gets bigger and bigger and more and more white….and it feels impossible even to draw a single line across the paper.

I read Andrea`s sketchblog, Janeville and View from the oak blogs and their work is fabulous! Inspired by them I decided to do something about my paper and canvas paranoia. I bought some white silk and a special ink to paint on the silk with. And do you know what ? It was fun! Mostly because I couldn’t control the process! The color sort of floated out on the fabric on it`s own. It was doodles – but what the heck! I was actually drawing something. So now I just might try on a piece of paper too! I said might…..

And watching my doodles I had to try and wet felt one as well……


Plain Jane said...

oh my gosh! fantastic. You've passed Susan's class without even taking it! Funny how you had to buy SILK to doodle on! I love your doodles and your felted piece is beyond adorable. I do recommend the 'personal symbols' on joggle.com. As you have seen, I had great fun with it, and you are definitely ready.

Lin said...

Jeannette! Thank you so much for your kind and very!! generous comments!! I am so glad you've returned to visual art! WHAT FUN YOU HAD!! And I am so so looking forward to seeing more! And SILK! Mercy, I would be so nervous!! I used to fashion silk into flowers ... neat stuff! Your 'doodles' are absolutely delightful!!!! MORE MORE!