02 July 2007

Brambly Hedge

When my daughters’ were young they had a favorite series of books that they always wanted me to read for their bedtime story, The Brambly Hedge books by Jill Barklem. It was wonderful stories and even more wonderful drawings. Today we got to talk about the books and about how we made up our own stories about the small mice at Brambley Hedge whenever we took a walk in the woods or in the park. We even had a special place that we called Brambley Hedge because it looked exactly like the drawings in the books. We still read the books now and then especially on dark autumn evenings and I hope to read it to my grandchildren some day.
Thinking about Bramlbly Hedge made me do this little mouse. And of course she’s reading a book….
Do you want to visit Brambly Hedge too ? http://www.bramblyhedge.co.uk/

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