21 July 2007

The first week of renovation

Creativity can be many things ….. Right now it’s mostly down to basic stuff like how to get the board for the bedroom floor from the yard to the house without breaking your back in the process or how to cook and do the dishes with very little amount of water. The first days of renovating have gone by so quickly and we have achieved a lot and are actually ahead of or our time plan. Which is good since shit eventually always happens. We have torn down the living room wall in order to get a much bigger room ( without the roof actually coming down over us), opened up for a second door in the bedroom and started on the bedroom flooring. The bedroom floor meant shoveling a lot of Leca isolation and carrying joist and floorboard and saving a toad who lived under a stone. . So who needs a gym in order to work out when you can renovate a house!

My husband and I are still on speaking terms and together with the daughters and my parents we are a great working team – The Swedish Extreme Home Makeovers !!! And we are doing it without backup from Ty and Sears !!!! No one is shouting “move the truck, move the truck”… yet. ” It’s more in the terms of “ watch out the wall is coming down” and hysterical laughter when you are covered in dust and dirt! … In other words much more fun in real life than the TV version.

Who needs a gym ? Not me anyway !

My husband has worked the soles right off his trainers....

One member of the great family team shoveling isolation.

Saved by the bell.....before he was crushed by a joist!

Recycling - the torn down wall is mending holes in the driveway

And in the early mornings when the roe deer is wandering through the nearby fields or in the evening when everything is so quiet you can hear your own heart beat then I’m close to tears and have to pinch my arm in order to convince myself that all this, that I have dreamt of for so long in fact has come true.


EVA AGNES said...

Underbara bilder och jag förstår att du är nära tårarna när du bor i en sådan idyll. Min mamma är född och uppvuxen i Stora Herrestad därför klappar mitt hjärta särskilt för den trakten. Det är som en dröm att blicka ut över nejderna.
Jag vill gärna följa framskridandet i er renovering.
Kramar Eva Agnes

Betty Jo said...

Hi Jeanette, I'm so excited to be watching your project take shape from afar. I adore your makeover photos and the way you mix them with toads and deer. You truly have an artist's eye behind that camera. By all means link to my blog and I hope it is ok if I do the same with yours. xoxo

Plain Jane said...

Clearly you're set to be the next Frances Mayes, except will it be "Under the Swedish Sun?" Where is this dreamy house, with your loving staff of 'volunteers?'