21 August 2008

Madame Cluck

Last weekend my 16 year old daughter moved out! She is going to study social science and horsemanship at a boarding school about 80 kilometers from our hometown. She has been ecstatic ever since she got the letter telling her that she got in! During the past two weeks she has slowly emptied her room and the pile of boxes and bags has grown and it was one very happy girl that finally got to put all her stuff in the car and get going.

I am ashamed to say that her mum has been ecstatic too. I am extremely proud of her daring to take such a big step at a fairly young age leaving home and go away to a place where she doesn’t know anybody and has to take care of herself. But – and her comes the ashamed part - I was also a tiny bit ecstatic over the peace and quiet that would enter into our house with only one daughter home. Having two teenage daughters constantly picking at each other can be a strain sometimes.( understatement of the year…) And further more, being met by someone that is rolling her eyes so far back in her head she can see her hair growing most of the time - well that can be a strain too.

But when the day came to drive her down to the school who got a lump in her throat? Moi! This was a whole other ballgame! Another nest and another flying lesson and this time Mother Hen was doing the jumping. My baby was leaving! This tiny little beautiful new born child with her bright eyes and dark hair was suddenly 16 and leaving! How could that happen? Who is now going to keep her safe, hug her when she is sad and listen to all her worries?

I phone her everyday! She is very happy. And I hear her giggle with her newfound friends. And she says
- yeah I miss you too mum but now I have to go.

I am happy that she is happy. But oh how I wish she was here screaming at her sister and rolling her eyes!

Madame Cluck that’s me!
Take care!
Madame Cluck
eh....sorry Jeanette I mean


Angela Louise said...

I think being a clucky mamma hen is such a great way to be. I find myself doing a lot of clucking at times and when one of my chicks is out of the nest I wish that I could spread my wings wider to shelter them.
I'm so pleased for your daughter Jeanette! It is a big step especially at 16. I have yet to experience any of mine leaving home. What a strange feeling it must be when you are so used to them being there. I think you're right though about not missing the bickering and I'm sure that it will be nice and quiet.
All the best to your daughter AND her clucky mother hen, dear Jeanette! Love from Angela.

gerda-thyra said...

Visst har man väl rätt att känna sig lite "hönsig" i början när ens "små bebbar" flyttar hemifrån... men jag VET hur man njuter lite längre fram när man har blivit van och när man dessutom märker att de faktiskt klarar sig alldeles ypperligt på egna ben! Jag hade ju blivit av med de två älsta lintottarna hela förra året, men de är tillbaka här hemma igen, på gott och på ont... Ja ja, sånt är livet!
Tack för din kommentar inne hos mig!
Ja visst har mitt liv tagit en drastisk och spännande vändning...!? Det känns nästan lite lyxigt att ta sig tid och möjlighet att plugga igen, fast det hade väl kanske varit lite roligare om det hade varit på en "riktig skola" med fysiska elever och lärare. Men det här blir säkert roligt också, framför allt så blir jag en upplevelse rikare...!
Kram på dig!

Gunnels blog said...

Hej Jeanette!
Tack för hälsningen på min blogg !
Jag var inne på din andra (en av de alla ) blogg. Så mycket fint du gör !! Så läckra färger och broderier på ullen!

Mandi said...

Hi jeanette.....many thanks for stopping by of course you can add me if you wish.....I know what you mean about mama cluck...my baby (26 years) is leaving at the end of the year ...back to Oz for good....will miss her too like mad...I was very invoed with horse as well when I left school...wonderful animals...your daughter will be in her elemnt...see you soon

Maria said...

Anar att det förmodligen kommer att gå fortare än kvickt tills jag själv har en dotter som ska fly hemmet. Undrar hur det kommer att kännas?! Hoppas att hon inte far så långt. 80 km låter alldeles lagom långt, så långt flyttade jag förresten själv också den dagen jag flyttade. Träffade en bekant häromdagen som har fyra barn och alla hade flyttat låååångt bort. Tre utomlands och en i Skåne. Verkar vara lite jobbigt =)

Cathy Louise said...

Just wanted to let you know you won my 100th post competition. There will be something in the post hopefully next week....Can you send me you postal details....Thanks so much for your beautiful words as always...Love Cathy

Cathy Louise said...

Just need your postal address...So glad it brightened your morning...
Take care Cathy