01 August 2008


Good friends are hard to find. Is that lyrics from a song? Anyway it`s true. In my world good friends and family is what makes life a life or at least a life worth living. For me there are three categories of friends.

These are the friends that you have a good time with. You might not share your inner thoughts with them but you always share a laugh! Not the friends you would phone for help in the middle of the night though because they simply wouldn`t be there. They would be out partying! And come to think of it – so would you!

These are the friends with whom you do a great deal of soul searching. They know you well and they know your inner story. They are the ones you always turn to for good advice and whom you know will always be truthful even down to “Does my ass look big in this? “

Then there is the third category of friends. They are rare! They are 1 and 2 put together and then some. They can live near or far but you still feel their presence. Together with them you are totally at ease feeling secure, safe and loved. Between you there are sympathy, empathy, trust, loyalty, esteem and affection and together with them you can be your best or worst self and it doesn´t matter either way! These are the friends you carry closest to your heart!

In the beginning of this week I visited friends in Stockholm and it was on the plane back to Malmö that I started thinking of the three categories of friendship. The friends I visited are definitely a number 3. Big time! And they are in my thoughts always! Spending time with them has taught me the importance of “siezeing the day” and for that I am immensely grateful.

Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.

Live, Love and Laugh Cathy wrote in her blog. Well, amen to that!

Take care!

PS Ooops I forgot.....there is a fourth category of friends – blogfriends! With them you can do a whole lot of soul searching and laughing without even meeting in IRL.


Anna Stilla said...

Var det inte "good man is hard to find"? :)

När jag läser din text så funderar jag djupt på ordet "vänner". Hur många har jag? Vilka är mina vänner?

Jag vet faktiskt inte. Jag har flyttat så många gånger och så många kontakter har blivit avbruttna...

Fast en vän har jag, min sambo. Han är faktiskt den enda som tillåter mig vara som jag är. Jag behöver inte spela någon teater för honom och tro mig, ibland är jag riktigt hemsk :)

Jag tycker om att läsa din blogg. Ditt sätt att skriva är så lugnt och skönt.

Nu regnar det utanför mitt fönster. Växter är nog väldigt glada för det.


PS. Äsch, inte har jag copyright på mina mönster :)

Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeanette! You always write so beautifully....so well put. I couldn't agree more with everything you have said. I must say though that I find there is another category or at least, a friend that falls into all the categories...my husband. I find that because he is such a great friend that I tend to be a little slack on keeping in touch with my other friends.I hope they know though that I'm always here whenever they need me.
Love the photo. How nice to be gently floating above the world in a balloon. I have never had the pleasure, have you?
Hugs to you dear Jeanette, Angela.

LiLi M. said...

You are lucky to have category 3 friends! Cherish their friendship! I think you've put in the right way!
Have a nice weekend!

Anna said...

Jag skulle precis påminna om blogvänner när jag såg ditt p.s.
Hur ser din vecka ut? Ska vi ta en pick-knit!? Torsdag är min bästa dag.

Maria said...

Jag funderar då och då över det där med vänner. Svårt att hitta de där som man blir riktigt nära nuförtiden...kanske för att alla har nog med sina egna liv?! Man vill, men får kanske inte tiden arr räcka till för att hinna komma riktigt nära varandra. det är ju lite sorgligt egentligen!