27 July 2008

Tales from the countryside

Kite + rape field = trouble ?
Emma, my youngest had bought a kite and wanted to try it out. Five minutes later she came running back in saying she had dropped the handle and now the kite in it’s string was caught way off in the rape field. Bob the Builder (aka husband) ran to the rescue and I went on with the dishes. With the dishes all finished and no husband or daughter back I went out too. Emma stood beside the rape field and I could see the kite flying in the distance but no Bob!
- Where is dad? I asked sounding confused
- In the field Emma promptly answered.
- Where are you? I shouted
- Here said a muffled voice deep within the rape and I could barely see the fingertips of his up stretched hand.
- And by the way, I give up! It’s hell in here!

What a wimp I thought. No way are we going to let that kite go to waste. How bad can it be anyway? It’s just rape for crying out loud! So off I went into the rape field. And boy was it huge! The rape was about a half meter higher than me and I measure 177 cm in my socks. (not that I was wearing just my socks mind you). I could use a machete right now I thought to my self feeling adventures as I was forcing my way through the field. After 100 meters the whole adventure in the rape field thing got pretty lame and after a 100 meters more it became down right scary. It felt like the rape was trying to strangle me. What if I fall? I thought building up an anxiety attack. I could be lying here until harvest time and no one will find me. My poor daughters I sniffled motherless at such a young age! Get a grip I said to myself and looked up to the sky and there it was – the kite! I got hold of the string and started my long struggle back towards the road following the happy sounds of my cheering daughter!

- Well done my husband said when I finally reached the road. I thought it was a bit scary in there.
- Piece of cake I said. What could possibly happen in a rape field? Of course not mentioning that I for a second or two had been ready for the loony bin.

Yesterday the farmer harvested the rape field and guess what came running out?

A wild hog! The farmer told us that a whole family of wild hogs lived in the rape field and that we should be very careful around them since they could be quite dangerous when protecting their young. Jeez Louise! and I had been walking about in that field! Had I met the male I would have been cut to pieces by his sharp tusks. So lesson number one folks:

Kite + rape field= trouble

Kite + rape field + wild hog= DANGER !

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Hahaha, this reminds me of us swimming in the oceans around Florida. 'are you sure there are no sharks here?' my kids were asking all the time. 'of course not, why do you think I'm swimming here?'
When we got back I wasn't so sure anymore because of some very very large fish (1.70 metres), tarpons, we actually had seen swimming as well as a little shark of about 1 meter. Googling Florida and Fish I immediately run into a little clip on youtube where a hammershark was biting a tarpon to death...gulp...afterwards I read that there are always some casualties from sharks at that coast.
Have a nice week!

Angela Louise said...

Isn't it amazing Jeanette how our imaginations can run away with us at times? As it turned out there was a bit of a need to be a little scared with that hog roaming around in the rapeseed. Maybe it was really your sixth sense at work!!!The things we do for our kids hey?
A happy week to you, Angela.