17 July 2008

1 year Anniversary

On the 16: th of July we celebrated the one year anniversary of buying our country house. Over a nice meal and a glass of bubbly ( Ok I confess I had four….) my husband and I summarized what we had accomplished this first year. Here goes:
Master bedroom made from scratch meaning isolation, flooring, painting the walls and an extra door put in.
New isolation and flooring in the hallway.
Two rooms made into one big living room meaning tear down a wall, close the old a doorway with new bricks, painting the walls and sanding the floor.
New roof in the living room.
Installing a fireplace.
Take two kitchen cabinets down and put new doors on the rest ( my husbands most complained about project since there was nothing wrong with them accept that they were ugly. The ugly part being my opinion not his….)
Put up a staircase to the attic.
Installing a water heater – that was done on the anniversary day! Hurrah hot water in the kitchen!
A lot of gardening (weeding) can also be added to the list.

We have pretty much filled the goals we had for the first year and the goals for the second year is installing new electricity ( the old wires being dangerous) and installing central heating. Both of the above is planned for this autumn. Start building ( and finish) one of the rooms on the attic and hopefully begin on one or two more. And enjoy a lot more of the garden and do a lot less weeding!

This first year has been hard work but I don’t regret buying the house for a second. My house and the countryside is my paradise on earth. And in my ten year plan is already to sell the town house and move here permanently. Not in my husbands plans yet though but you just wait….he will come round in the end!

So you want a guided tour do you? A befor- and after tour of the premises? I`ll see what I can do.

First you have drive down the long and winding road. Sorry about the wheel barrow but I am mending the driveway…..

Welcome to my house. Come inside at your own risk. Remember - Builders at work!
( aka Bob the Builder - my husband)

The master bedroom to be

The hallway

One of the smaller rooms soon to be part of the living rom and home of the fireplace.

The kitchen. Just look at the ugly yuppie 1990 cabinet doors. Yuck!

Tadah.....drumroll......One year later

The master bedroom

The hallway with the stairs to the attic

The now much bigger living room with it`s fireplace

The kitchen.
Not quite finished. I am going to paint the rest of the woodwork white and add some pots in copper and old ceramic mugs ..... I still hate the white tiles but my husband want hear of having them down as well. I might try painting a blue pattern on some of them.... to make them look a bit older.

This is the view from my living room window!
Now I think you understand why I want to move here permanently!

Thanks for your visit and welcome back!


PS Boy, was that the longest post ever! Sorry! But you did ask for a guided tour.....


Annika said...

Å herregud, vilket ställe ni har, vilket fint jobb ni gjort och vilken väg och vilken utsikt...

LiLi M. said...

I don't mind to be entertained in this way, cannot be long enough! What an effort you have made and what a result! I can perfectly understand why you want to be there all of your life!
Have to go now, this afternoon kids party (and I'm behind my computer haha)

Homeleightigger said...

What an achievement Jeanette, in just a year - absolutely brilliant!
I love the brick pattern on the outside too - very pretty! Val

Anna said...

Jag är helt golvad - vilket ställe!! Och vilket jobb! Du kan så klart inte vänta 10 år på att flytta ut för gott...
Jag vill också säga att din kommentar på Anna Stillas blogg var klockren, "when your mind is full of indecisions..."

Annica said...

Vilket underbart hus! Ni har verkligen åstadkommit massor på ett år. (Psst... Jag håller med dig om köksluckorna :-) Bra byte!)

Anna Stilla said...

Tänk att ha en sådan utsikt från sitt vardagsrumdsfönster som ni har!

Det sägs att lyckan bor inom oss men jag är övertygad att min lycka skulle vara lyckligare om jag kunde njuta av ett öppet landskap utan att behöva åka bil för att uppleva det.

Ni bor jättefint!!!


Anna said...

Jag letade efter en mejladress men hittade ingen? Svarar här: Jättekul om du hänger med på pick-knit, jag är med i Skånestickare på www.ravelry.com. Det är jag och en annan tjej där som försöker få det att gå ihop, vem som vill får bara med. Vi har inte bestämt något nytt datum men det blir nog inom det snaraste.
Vore kul att träffas - om du bara inte tror att jag alltid är pigg, färgmatchad, kreativ och spännande!

Maria said...

Fantastiskt hus! Verkar ligga mycket vackert till också. Men förmodligen en massa arbete att ordna!

Plain Jane said...

oh, I love your country house....that view is pretty darn wonderful too. Congrats on all your accomplishments in one year!