10 July 2008

Time to stop just hanging around....

This morning I woke up realizing that almost half of my vacation had already passed. And what have I done? Almost nothing. One part of me found that good and reassuring and the other part got a minor anxiety attack. The other part won! I started writing lists of what I wanted to accomplish the remaining weeks. All of you who read the “tagged” post know that I like doing lists. This time I hadn’t anything to put down that I already had done though….. I am so full of ideas, projects, creative stuff that my head is spinning but I don’t seem to find the time to really sit down and get started. I crave for some time on my own!

My creativity needs a really long runway before take off and if I’m interrupted I sort of have to start all over again. With my daughters home on their summer leave I am torn between spending time with them and have time on my own. It’s silly really because they spend most of their time hanging out with friends so I really have a lot of time on my hands….but they still turn up on the doorstep asking “what’s for dinner” and there is the occasional washing up and shopping for groceries in-between trips to the country house for some renovating or gardening.

When I read what I had written I hear that it sounds really grumpy. What do I have to complain about? But I have this enormous creativity urge building up inside that it feels like I am going to burst. I think I needed those first couple of weeks to have my ideas simmering on the back burner but now I need to get down to it. So folks, I am off ! Off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz. Well not really. But I take a week or two off from bloging to lock myself in the workroom instead. Hope to be able to show you all some results in a few weeks time!

Wish me luck!

Ps Do you want a sneak peek at my to do list?

1. Pimp the bathroom in the country house – stop it from looking like “ a hole in the wall”
2. Finish making the red linen skirt preferably before the cocktail party on Saturday !!!!
3. Pick a theme and photos for the exhibition in march and how about you start taking a few new ones you lazy bugger !
4. Get started on the recycled art & stuff thing and talk to M about an exhibition in her shop this autumn - that just might get you going eh?
5. Should I start a blog shop ? or Etsy? or signerat.se? and sell my photos and stuff and would anyone really want to buy any of it?
6. Get a tan
7. Get a grip
8. How about losing some weight too while your at it?


Maria - SIGNERAT.se said...

Hej, hittade just hit och såg dina otroligt fina tovade saker och vackra foton! Det är klart att du ska börja sälja hos oss! ;-)

Min tråd said...

Hej! o tack för kommentaren på min blogg. Angående min spedetröja, så köpte jag garn o mönster i hemslöjdsaffären vid Citadellet.. Har tyvärr inte mönstret kvar. Hör med hemslöjden i Landskorna, de kanske har mönster att sälja. Lycka till o ha tålamod, det går sakta med stickor 1 1/2...... Skicka gärna en kommentar när du blir färdig, nyfiken på reslutatet.

Anna said...

Lustigt, jag har precis samma kommentarer som de andra, pröva Citadellet i Landskrona (Hemslöjden, alltså), jag tror absolut att de har mönster. Det andra jag håller med om är att du såklart ska sälja på signerat.se!
Vi valde bort Hammenhög, för långt att åka + att semesterkassan behöver hållas igen lite...
Men i morgon köper vi färg.
Du, bra lista!

Maria said...

Hörde någonstans att man inte ska fråga folk vad de ska göra på semestern...utan man ska fråga folk vad de INTE ska göra på semestern...eftersom det är just vila man kanske ska göra. Mne ibland är det ju också vila att göra saker som vanligtvis varken gör eller kanske hinner...bara det är lite roliga saker så kan det ju också fungera som energitankning!