23 July 2008

Nothing sweet about me

I am basically a nice person and I always try to practice the art of being nice. I know that a “nice person” often is considered stupid, naïve or submissive but for me a nice person is someone who lives with empathy and ethics in his heart. A nice person is never stupid. No in fact he is very smart because he has understood that what we do for others we also do for ourselves. But……

……sometimes you meet persons that make practicing your art very hard. In fact they don’t deserve you being nice to them. Yesterday I met one of those. My cell phone broke down and I went to the shop were I bought it to have it mended. In the shop stands this guy and he is totally uninterested in serving me. Well not at first but after he understands that I don’t intend to buy anything but instead I want him to do something that probably will cost the company money and not only that HE will have to make and effort without having the satisfaction of selling me anything. So he starts taking down notes about what’s wrong with my cell but whenever a new costumer enters the shop (especially young female ones) he starts talking to them and then has to start all over again with me because he missed half of what I was saying. The third time I have to repeat my problems and I start looking annoyed he excuses himself with “Don’t talk so fast. I am a guy and I can only do one thing at a time. He,he”. Quite the charmer isn’t he? This is when it’s on the tip of my tongue to say “well if you didn’t have to ogle every woman that’s walks in you would do just nicely” but the art of being nice stops me just in time. I just grind my teeth. After half an hour of stupid remarks I am finally out of the shop. And I am so irritated and angry that I want to strangle someone preferably the guy in the shop…

This episode got me thinking. That maybe sometimes I should just skip the “art of being nice” part and go right to the “I will insult you right back an feel better afterwards” part instead because being nice isn’t the same thing as allowing people to walk all over you. To remind me of this I went home and wet felted me a purse/ shoulder bag with monsters on it. And a scary message - Nothing sweet about me!

And I will wear it whenever I need to be a bit "un-nice"



Take care!


LiLi M. said...

Hahaha, I love that bag!! But I guess because you are a nice person it never works good with 'un-nice' people; either you keep your mouth shut and you keep thinking; "I should have said this, I should have done that" or you actually do that, behaving against your nature and you are feeling guilty all the time because someone who really doesn't matter did manage to let you show your ugly side.

Believe me, here speaks a trained professional!!
I am the kind of girl that just cannot keep her mouth shut when being treated wrong. Someone told me; at least you don't get a heart attack! I told that person, I'm not sure, because I always am sorry that I let myself go in front of people who really don't deserve a nanosecond of my attention.

Mmm there must be a market for those bags!!

Maria said...

Åh, vilken cool väska!!

Visst är det tråkigt när man blir otrevligt bemött!!

Gör inget alls att du blandar ihop vem som skrivit vad...jag hann precis undra vilket inlägg om ålderskrämpor du menade =)

Homeleightigger said...

I just love your felted purse Jeanette! Did that awful Oike agree to have your cell mended? Think positive - you would not have made that beautiful purse if he had not made you so angry .....! Because you are a very nice person, you turned a bad situation into a very good one - that is a gift not everybody has! Val

Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeanette. WOW what an amazing person you are using this annoying situation to create something so clever.
Sorry that I have been ignoring you. I have so many things that I haven't said to you. Like; loved reading your post about your farmhouse. You have done such a wonderful job to date and you and your husband (and girls)should feel very proud of yourselves. Such a beautiful place to maybe, one day, live permanently.What a view through your window! Did you ever deal with those roses? If they are really old and ungainly, you could give them quite a severe trim and if they don't pull through then their roots are probably too deteriorated to do very well ever.Then it is really no loss if they die. I have been quite cruel to roses and they are really quite resilient.
Will chat again soon. Keep being that nice person that you are and don't let the nasties get you.
Hugs to you dear friend, Angela.

Anna said...

Underbar väska! Jag har försummat dig- och många andra bloggvänner - måste läsa in mig... Hann kolla upp Annie Lennox videon. Mäktigt!
Ha det bra!

Plain Jane said...

I love it! The perfect accessory for those situations!

Plain Jane said...

I love it! The perfect accessory for those situations!