07 August 2008

Add some color into your life ….

Many years ago someone said to me that I was a colorful person. I don’t think it was due to the clothes I was wearing at the time but more because I tended to speak up for others, would eagerly debate and used to swear a lot! If you took a peek at my wardrobe back then it was mostly black. If you’ve always been on the chubby side, like me, that’s the natural color of choice since black is supposed to make you look thinner. Now that’s a big fat lie of course. It only makes you look like you work at the undertakers. Anyway. Up till a few years ago black was all I wore and then suddenly out of the blue color came in to my life. At first it was the odd scarf or two, then a blouse or a dress. And poof the undertaker had turned in to a butterfly!

Now where was I going with this…. Oh yes, I think this black goes color transformation thing is all about maturity! Come again? Well it all happened when I turned 40 and 40 + is when you get all mature right? When you discover your inner self and dare coming out of the chrysalis??? And it’s not just the clothes mind you. At 45 my heart suddenly beats faster over 70: ies print patterns, red polka dot ceramic mugs and pop art. Some of you might say that this is just the opposite of maturity. In fact it’s a huge midlife crisis. My black goes color is really a longing for those teenage days when the best you could wear was a dress from Mahjong in orange and brown! ( Yuck!)

Well I don’t now which it is but I lean towards the maturity thing. I dare a lot more now than I did say 10 years back. I don’t give a hoot about what people think about me anymore. Alright, alright that was another big fat lie. But I’m working on it okay. Just you wait until I turn 50! Then I am going to step out in the world and say
- Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Whenever I feel in doubt about the colors I tune in to Blogland and Anna, Maria or Anna Stilla. Three colorful ladies with blogs full of inspiration!

Take care

PS Yes I still speak up for others, debate and swear a lot. I just do it all dressed up in red!

A red linnen skirt I made inspired by Maria


LiLi M. said...

I tend to wear less black too. (at age 46 so your theory is definitely right). To me it's like black is toning your skin down in stead of up, as we all want. Did you ever try a color consult? My hairdresser did gave me that once for free, you should only buy a passport with colors for 25 euro's, but I skipped that part! And my cousin is doing a course to become a color consultant and had me as a guinea pig. My hairdresser thought that I am a autumn type and according to my cousin I am a summer type. Conclusion? I can wear any color al long as it isn't black! To see whether this is right check my blog and see me, wearing black again, because it is a kind of slowing down slowly proces I'm in. Have a nice day!

Angela Louise said...

HELLO Jeanette!!!Well would you believe it but I've actually done the opposite! I never used to wear black...until I hit 40. Now I have a few black items. I still feel funny wearing it if it's a beautiful bright sunny day but I do actually like wearing black some days.
I keep changing my mind on colour in the home too. I think I just like change....now that's fun! Variety being the spice of life and all.
Hugs to you, Angela.

makiato said...

Tack för kommentaren på min blogg, kul att du också gillar badrocken. Vilka fina foton du tar. Ska kolla vidare på din blogg...

Anna said...

Ha,ha, jag vet vad du menar med att försöka slimma sig i svart...
Jag har en del svarta plagg för ibland är det skönt att bara vara, färg får mig att bli mer alert, men det ställer krav på nåt sätt. Tror att jag behöver vila mig ibland och då är det skönt att dra på sig en svart säck.
Tack för komplimangen, känner mig så outtsägligt trist nu utan kamera. Ska fixa en ny denna vecka eftersom vi inte hittar kvittot som behövs för försäkringsbolaget...

Maria said...

Så fin kjol!
Man bli ju så glad av färg!

Och jag skulle nog tycka om de där Majongkläderna också (även om just brun och orange INTE är det som mitt hjärta klappar allra mest för)

Anna Stilla said...

Innerst inne älskar jag Gudrun Sjödén. Mönster, färger, sättet att mixa kläder på... Men oftast är jag en aning feg. Det bor en liten moraltant bakom mitt öra och säger att färger passar inte kvinnor i min ålder. Att man ska se elegant ut.

Med stigande ålder har jag dock blivit duktigare på att tysta ner den där tanten. Förra vecka köpte jag ett par rosa dansskor från G. Sjödén. De är så vackra, sitter så bra på foten och framför allt gör mig så glad.


Anna said...

Forgot to say - the skirt looks awesome!