10 June 2011

Preparations for International Yarn Bombing Day

Tomorrow is D-day! Then I have to put my alarm on ultra early to sneak out in town and put all my knitted graffiti up. The sneaking part being a result of it being not exactly legal…. I know that there has been a discussion going on at various blogs whether or not you should ask for permission. Well I generally don’t but then I never put my stuff up where it could ruin something or cause damage. And it can be easily taken down just using a pair of scissors.

In-between my daughters’graduation, tons of things to do at work and visiting a whole lot of graduation parties I haven’t had that much time to prepare. Luckily I had a lot of really ugly knitted squares that I bought at a jumble sale which I could use for my knitted graffiti. I have made a few knitted messages to put up at different parts of the city ( Malmö, Sweden). I have also made a knitted "bikini" to pimp a statue in a fountain with....might need my wellingtons for that one.....

Here is some pics. Will take some tomorrow to. I am especially proud of the “kilroy” message!

If you want to participate in Yarn Bombing Day tomorrow but have nothing “knitted” here is a few last minute tips.

Slaughter an old knitted sweater and sew it on to a statue
Cut the legs off a pair of leggings ( preferably colored ones), cut each leg up at one side and sew them to a lamp post
Make a mobile out of old kettle-holders and hang it in a tree
Pimp a statue with mittens, a scarf or knitted cap left over from last winter

Hope you all have a fun and great yarn bombing day!

Take care

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Eleanor said...

I'm really looking forward to a photo of the statue with the bikini!!

E x