05 April 2010


I was a Star Trek fan when I was young. I had a secret crush on Spock ( I was 8 for god sake…) and was very interested in teleportation. Oh how I wanted to be able to travel through time and space! On really boring lessons in school I used to close my eyes and say “beam me up Scotty, please, please beam me up” but the only thing I got from that was the evil eye from my teacher ordering me to listen up.

But what If you actually could…..

Then I would beam myself over to Eleanor in Australia and we would go to the movies together and she could explain the plot to me the way only she can. Then we would go to the beach and I would build her a sand castle and on top of highest tower I would put a sea shell from my favorite beach back home.

Swooosh in an instant I would leave Australia for Lili in the Netherlands, my dear blog twin! We would talk and laugh all night long and visit so many jumble sales and thrift stores that I would have to beam the stuff home a couple of times because I couldn’t carry it all.

Poof , now I’ve landed in the middle of Marias work shop. Oh, all the beautiful things. I would bring her an egg cup for her collection and she would show me how to make her beautiful mittens.

With a Kaapoow ( sorry Scotty had a wee beaming problem…) I would land right in Anna Stilla’s kitchen. We would bring our cameras and go for a long photographic expedition to all the beautiful places I have only seen on her photos. We would take her dog along and he would walk faithfully by my side and gently put his nose in my hand.

….and then I would land on the street outside my house feeling a bit dizzy from all the traveling through space. I have one stop left but luckily for me I can walk this time. I walk through the park, take the fourth road on the right and there is Anna’s house. I bring red wine and my knitting and I know that I am in for a long chat and a great many laughs!

Please beam me up Scotty!



Anna said...

Här har du en till som väntar otåligt på att de ska uppfinna teleporteringen på riktigt. Så härligt att aldrig mer behöva bekymra sig om långa resor!
Men till dess - live long and prosper!

LiLi M. said...

Yeah Scotty...what are you waiting for???
It is beautiful weather over here Jeanette, this week, so a perfect time for beaming, but we would always be talking and laughing all the time, I'm so sure of that!
Now if Scotty isn't listening...just take the car. You don't have to wait whether he wants to beam you back of further eather! Just do it!

teresa said...

Hittade just en länk till en översättning av Citron-mönstret; lycka till!


Maria said...

Jag väntar mig att du kommer en dag med ett POFF när jag sitter där koncentrerad mitt inne i något arbete. Först kommer jag nog skrika, men sedan blir jag glad och bjuder dig på en kopp te!