24 April 2010

Where did the time go?

18 years ago tomorrow my daughter was born. My first child, my much longed-for, my precious! I remember everyone telling me to hold on to those sweet first years, that time goes by so quickly and before you know it they are grown up and leaving home. I remember thinking they where going on a bit, silently promising myself never to say that to a young mother with her first born. Last week I met a colleague with her newly born and there I stood admiring the tiny little girl hearing myself say “ Oh, hold on to those….”

But it is true though isn’t it? Time passes oh so quickly. I mean it feels like only yesterday I held her in my arms for the first time….... so how did this happen?

and this?

and this?

not to mention this!

Does this mean that I am 18 years older too ? (This is where I put my hands over my ears saying La La La La La ....can`t hear you!)

Oh well, inside I am still 27!

So a very, very happy birthday darling daughter!

I love you very much!

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