09 April 2010


Do you remember my spur of the moment application to show my art during a week this summer? Guess what? I was accepted! Jiiiipiiiieeee!

I am
jumping up and down
a total nervous wreck

.....and all at the same time! Now how is that for multitasking?

I plan to show some of my big wet feltings and some recycled art of which all are yet to be created. That’s where the nervous wreck part comes in…. But still, if you are in the neighborhood of Malmö between july 6 and july 11 then you know where all the action is!

I would SO love if you paid me a visit.

I’ll keep you all posted



A recycled prototype....


LiLi M. said...

Congrats for being accepted, you must be more than excited, but I'm sorry Jeanette, I will be in the States then. But I love to see you blogging about this afterwards and before too off course. Make tons of photos, good luck!

Eleanor said...


Toril said...

Åh grattis!!
Tittar igeom min blogg idag å såg ditt namn...å klickade mig hit..det var ett tag sedan sist:) allt gott

Clara said...

Hemma från jobbet idag...du vet, den vanliga kvinnoåkomman.

Kände mig lite rastlös, inte van att vara hemma , så jag passar på att kolla runt lite bland mina gamla favvobloggisar.
Har suttit här och läst och tittat på ditt fina hantverk och blir så glad när jag läser om din utställning...hurra, GRATTIS!

Många kramar från gamla Clara i Linneskåpet!!!