19 January 2011

A shirt is a shirt is a pillow

When I was away on my business trip my husband had a wardrobe makeover and cleaned out his closet. No, no he wasn’t planning to leave me and standing with his bags packed in the hallway when I got home.....he just felt like some spring cleaning. Amazing isn’t it? I would have been a lot happier had the spring cleaning included the garage too but I guess you can’t have it all… Anyway, he had left most of his clothes to charity but some were a bit too worn and those he planned to throw away. These where high quality cotton business shirts, a bit shabby on collar and sleeves but OK otherwise. Guess who saved them? Yep, yours truly. I am going to make pillows for the country house. They will match my bedspread perfectly.

I used three of the shirts and an old linen bag. I just might add some embroidery and maybe I will use the tiny washing instructions for embellishment. We’ll see.

Still a lot of material left!

Take care

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Minxy said...

Love the idea of this, especially adding the ickle labels back on to the project :D