15 January 2011

Paint & portrait

Today I painted the clay heads. Quite a gruesome trio don’t you think? They where four you say? You are so right. But I dropped one of them on the floor so now I know that they are easily broken too. First I had planned to use vintage photos and decoupage to make their faces but I decided against it. I quite like the simplicity of a hand drawn face. I was inspired by the clay heads to do an embroidery too. Sort of a tiny portrait. It measures only 4x5 centimeters. This time I filled the entire “picture” with stitches. Thinking of doing a series maybe…. Or turn it into a brooch.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Vad kreativ du är Jeanette! Jag kanske har missat något (min engelska) men har du tänkt göra kroppar också?

Anonymous said...

Oj, jag har upptäckt att jag är inloggad på Sagoverkstad. Men det är jag, Anna Stilla :)