04 January 2011

My stash

The thinnest and loveliest of alpacka wool

More wool but thicker this time good for felted mittens and slippers

Wool , and cotton yarn in all kind of colors

Linen yarn that I bought last autumn meant to be a sweater and a tunic – still left in the bag from the shop…..

Wonderful vegetable colored wool yarn – a gift from a friend

These pictures might give you a hint on why I don’t need to visit a yarn shop until 2030 – at the very earliest. I am ashamed to tell you that I wasn’t even aware I had half of it until I cleared out my work room and my gigantic America trunk with hidden treasures that I keep in my closet. In it also found the equal amount of fabric……

Well some people collect stamps – I collect fabric and yarn. So sue me!

Take care

1 comment:

Carolina said...

It's very hard not collecting yarn and fabric ;)