12 January 2011

Sketch no 4

Last nights sketch and today’s embroidery – safe.

Over the past days I have come to the conclusion that embroidery is addictive. Especially these tiny ones that I am making since they don’t take more than one hour from start to finish. First I was tempted to go on and on and fill the entire silhouette with stitches but I am glad that I decided against it. I like the way the embroidery stays a sketch but on fabric instead of paper.

To do something creative everyday is as important as eating and breathing for me. When I don’t find the time I get this hollow feeling inside. I like to do something creative everyday and this year I will try to stick to “tiny” projects during the week and then I can get down to some serious creative stuff on the weekends.

Today I bought some paper clay and I am planning to use it for tiny daily projects. I am thinking about dolls….maybe mixed media with a vintage twist…. The good thing about paper clay is that it dries in no time so you can actually both do the clay object and paint it on the same evening. Suits me perfectly!

Take care


Alexis said...

Truly lovely.

Eleanor said...

What Alexis said!

LiLi M. said...

Yep I love it too. (Of course) I know exactly what you mean, about being creative is like eating and drinking and that is why I like small projects too.
This year I want to crochet a blanket. I started with a toadstool and then I tried to make a cushion (still busy) and next is the blanket. That is something that needn't be finished in one evening and cannot be finished in one evening either, but it is something that I can take up easily and put down again, so that I will have at least one tiny bit of creativity a day.

Gerda-Thyra said...

Så ruggigt fint litet broderi!