29 January 2011

Snow gardening

Today my husband and I drove down to the country house. I haven’t been there since before Christmas, the snow making it impossible to drive down. I went round the garden dreaming of this….

….but this is what I got.

1,5 meter of hard packed snow almost covering my poor apple tree. Spring seemed very far off.

The garden is surrounded by a hedge of Sleeping Beauty proportions. We never got round to cutting it this summer so my husband decided that we might as well do it today. It felt strange raking on snow….

When I got home I finished the knitted shawl that I started on last week. I did some embroidery on the wet felted flowers and crocheted a border in red. It is going to be a gift for a friend.

Now I have to start on the door prize for this year OWOH that starts on Sunday night. Not much time left but as many of you know – I work best under pressure.

Have a great weekend



Jenny at Red House said...

sounds quite difficult to garden in the snow! never mind spring will soon be here! jennyx

LiLi M. said...

Haha, of course I know what you mean about working under pressure! I am ready for OWOH, because I cleverly postponed it, just wait and see. I think winter may go now, but who am I? Have a great weekend!

martha brown said...

this shawl is beautiful!