25 January 2011


I have a security alarm on my house and as I was getting out of my car today I heard the alarm ringing. So I went up to the house, unlocked the door, punched the code and silencing the alarm, took a quick survey of the premises and then phoned the alarm company asking them to call back the security guard. Then I sort of freaked out. I still had to check the garage and the attic and no way was I going to do that on my own. So I sat at my kitchen table with a beating heart listening after strange sounds and waiting for my daughter to get home.

Gotten this far in my story I know that a lot of you are asking yourself why on earth I made them call back the guard. Well, this has happened before you see. A few weeks ago the alarm went off without any reason and they sent out a guard who discovered that it was because a spider had swung in front of the alarm detector. I had meant to check the other detectors for spiders and spider web but never gotten round to it….. Still, there I was sitting at my kitchen table thinking that maybe it wasn’t a spider this time. Maybe it was a giant size lunatic just waiting for me to come looking for him.

Half an hour later my daughter got home and armed with a knife and a baseball bat we went round checking the house. Opening cupboard doors, checking under beds, behind the shower curtain (eeeeeek - Hitchcock warning) the garage and up on the attic. We looked everywhere including silly places where absolutely no one could manage to slide under and hide if not being 15 cm tall and covered in olive oil. But fear isn’t rational right? Needless to say everything checked out fine except for some spider web in front of one of the detectors…..Sigh!

Guess who is bringing out the dust rag?

Take care

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