16 January 2011


I am packing my bags to go away on a two day business trip. I am always very indecisive when it comes to what to pack and always leave it until the last minute. I lay all kind of stuff out on a table trying to decide but always end up with throwing all of it in the bag getting way too much clothes and still nothing to wear. I may have had problems with what clothes to bring but one thing went down the bag without a second thought – my embroidery kit. Nice to know I have it with me to help me relax. There is nothing like a few stitches on a linen fabric to help you wind down after a long and intense day.

Now am I addicted or what?

See you in a couple of days

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Jenny at Red House said...

I've just been to Top Drawer trade show in London and crocheted my way there and back on the train and loved every minute!! jennyx